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Arab World Reacts to “Gaza Massacre”

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People from across the Arab world are lamenting the fate of Gazans, after a wave of Israeli aerial attacks, which have killed [1] more than 200 Palestinians and wounded more than 700.

The silence of Arab governments in particular is hitting a raw nerve.

Ayhamjzzan [2] from Syria writes in Arabic:

نصف الشهداء ال200 نساء وأطفال

100 طن متفجرات من 100 طائرة أطلقت على غزة اليوم

أين العرب والشعب العربي هل هذه حرب ضد حماس أم إبادة لأهل غزة

أين الكرامة العربية ولماذا نقف متفرجين كما الأنظمة العربية البائسة تتفرج ولاتفلح إلا بالتنديد

Half the 200 martyrs are women and children. A 100 tonnes of explosives from a 100 air crafts was fired. Where are the Arabs? Is this a war against Hamas or the extermination of the people of Gaza? Where is the Arab dignity and why are we standing on the sideline watching like the futile Arab regimes which are only ready to condemn.

Still in Syria Qunfuz [3] says that the massacre was easy to foresee. The blogger adds:

This is a deliberate, cruelly organised crime. And nobody notices.

This morning, with children in school, people on the streets and in offices, policemen at a graduation ceremony, the sky screamed and roared. There are reports of general panic, and of streets clogged with corpses.

I know the writing becomes a whine when these simple sentiments are expressed: but, again; imagine you are living, or dying, with your children, in such a place. And imagine that the world ignores you.

We are all Gaza

Jordanian Mohammed Badi posts this image and writes:

Gaza… Don't Cry, We Are With U

Label Ash [fr], a Moroccan from Barcelona, is swamped by a sense of doom:

La ligue arabe dit qu'elle va se réunir lundi pour contrer l'offensive israélienne. Ils arrivent à garder un sacré sens de l'humour.
La ligue va juste condamner avec des joutes verbales stériles.Y a-t-il quelque chose à faire? Non.

Pardon pour la froideur sentencieuse de la formule, mais cela ne sert plus à rien. La Palestine s'éteint, petit à petit, mais elle s'éteint.

“La Palestine appelle le monde, mais ça sonne occupé” (Amazigh Yacine)

The Arab League says a meeting will be held on Monday to counter the Israeli attacks.
They sure keep a sense of humor. The League will only condemn the attacks with sterile talks. Is there something we can do ? No.
Sorry for the coldness of this word. But it's of no use now. Palestine is dying, little by little.
“Palestine calls the world, but the line is busy” (Amazigh Yacine)

Jordanian SimSim [4]is also appalled with Arab and international reactions to the suffering of Palestinians. The blogger says that every time such a tragedy strikes, history seems to repeat itself – with the same reactions and statements.

On Arab government reactions, SimSim notes:

الدول العربية تدعو الى عقد قمة عربية طارئة والتي من المعروف مسبقا ما سيتمخض عنها من قرارات حاسمة:
– طلب السماح والعفو من الصهاينة ورجائهم بوقف قتل المدنيين والا بنزعل منهم
Arab countries will call for an urgent Arab summit where the important decisions which would be made will be known in advance. They will ask for forgiveness from the Zionists and beg them to stop killing civilians or else we would all be unhappy with them.
طبعا لن يتم اتخاذ اي اجراءات و العياذ بالله الا بعد ان تنتهي الحملة العسكرية كاملة وذلك بسبب الاحتفالات و الأعياد الرسمية
And of course, they will not take any action until the military campaign ends because they are busy with celebrations and official holidays.

Turning his attention to the international arena the blogger says:

كل الدول الها نفس الاسطوانة ….. لو ما حماس القت باسلحتها لما هاجت اسرائيل

ليش اسرائيل متى هدت اللعب ؟ ولكن الآن تقتل بموافقة الأغبياء العرب … طبعا بحجة توحيد الصفوف وايجاد حكومة واحدة لفلسطين

احلى اشي البيت الاسود ….. تدعو اسرائيل الى تركيز ضرباتها بعيدا عن المدنيين ….. هاي الحنان ولا بلاش

All the countries playing the same record: If Hamas had surrendered its weapons, Israel would not have attacked.
When has Israel stopped? It is now attacking with the approval of the stupid Arabs, under the excuse, of course, of unifying our ranks and establishing a single government for Palestine.

The best thing is the Black House, which has called on Israel to focus its attacks far from civilians. This is what I would call compassion.

SimSim also describes Arab people as follows:

متعاطف … منكسر … لا حيلة له … سيحزن …. سيتابع قنوات التلفزة …. سيبكي …. ولكن !!! راس السنة قربت لذلك حفلات رأس السنة كفيلة بالتخفيف عنه و الحمد لله
Sympathetic..heart broken..can't do anything about the situation … will be sad .. will follow news channels .. will cry … and then!!! New Year's Eve is around the corner and this will be enough to lessen the strain on them.

A fitting finale to this round up can be found at On Olives and Sake [5], where Syrian blogger Yazan Badran posts a headline which reads:

Happy Bloody New Year.

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