Iran: Islamist bloggers support Gaza

Several Islamist bloggers have launched a campaign against the Gaza Strip blockade and to ask worldwide Muslims to help Palestinians. The bloggers have used different tools such as Google bombs and banners to spread in the blogosphere and promote the campaign.

Moreover, an association of Islamist bloggers called Paygahe Blogeraye Arzeshi [Fa] (which means a base of value oriented bloggers) has collected 500 links to already published posts on this issue. Iranian FarsNews [Fa], a conservative and semi official site, has criticized Islamist bloggers for their silence on humanitarian crisis in Gaza Strip.

Gaza Google bomb says:

You, oppressed people of Gaza know that we Muslims of Iran and all over the world haven't forgotten you and will not cease until complete breaking of the surrounding of your city. In the path along freedom of Gaza and our common value which is the freedom of Palestine, we will not cease and will go on.

Muslim Bloggers Association [Fa] also published a statement on the Gaza crisis:

این روز ها که در سایه سکوت مجامع جهانی و مدعیان حقوق بشر، غزه به عیان ترین مصداق نقض حقوق اولیه انسانی تبدیل گشته است… اخبار کشته شدن مردمانش بوسیله دشمن صهیونیستی به خبر عادی تلکس های خبری مبدل گردیده

In these days under the silence of international organizations and the ones that pretend that they are human rights defenders, Gaza has become the most clear example of human rights violation…the news of murder of Gaza's people by Zionist enemy has become an ordinary news.

Yadshthyeh Tanhayi [Fa] (which means Lonely Notes) writes:

اینبار هم مینویسم برای تو و کودکان داغدارت برای تو و مردان و زنان رنج دیده ات کمی صبور باش ، آری صبور باش غزه به خدا سوگند آفتاب مهر و عدالت طلوع خواهد کرد. دلم می سوزد برای تو و مردمانت برای مظلومیت بیت المقدست

Again this time I write for you, your mournful children, your men and women who suffered. Please be paitinet a little more. I swear on God that the sun of justice and kindness will rise. My heart is burning for you and your oppressed people because of your oppressed Jerusalem.


  • Bijan

    There is not several kind of human beings: American human, Israeli human, Islamic human, judies human.. God create only one kind of human. We are all humans. We condemn all kind of crime or depression against humanity.

    We condemn all who make deference between human being: in Gasa strip, Guatemala, Iran, China…

    We are all humans.

  • Abe Bird

    Muslims know how to bomb and cry. Have Muslims no responsibility?

    Shame on you !

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  • " T "

    I feel bad for the people of Gaza. There is greater sadness that a person of Gaza would likly lose there life for showing Isreal where the criminal goverment militants are hidden. “Hamas must stop the bombs”.

    The people of Gaza must step up and help end the battle by helping Isreal to end the war actions Hamas has taken up against Isreal.

    I am not Jewish but I stand with Isreal untill the Hamas goverment is no more. “Clearly” the Hamas goverment “has no reguard for human life”.

  • Bijan

    That is good that Mr Ahmadi Nejad try to make a country for Palestinians and goes to south America to make other countries a better place to live. But may we ask where our country is?

    A land that we can live in, work and die there. A land for our children, to grow up in liberty. Where they can have at least right to express them selves, to be able say what they think. Where they can live fearless, with honor. Where they can develop their culture and their own values come from oldest civilization on earth. Where we can have only one real literature professor who talk about our language at national TV. Where we can have only one real representative in our house (Majles) to express our dreams.

    Actualy, Mr Ahmadi Nejad could not eliminate Israeil from map but he eliminated Iran from map. Iran has no real existence. Here is lands of Islam (Islam is the nick name of who govern us) and we are all Omat (people belong to that governors). There is no more a nation called Iranian.

    But I still remember there were a country called Iran and a nation called Iranians.

    And that is why:

    I yell some times.

    I cry some times

    I talk some times.

    I break down silence some times.

    I cry in silence some times.

    I exist some times.

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  • omer

    i have a story- think about what happen in gaza, its horrbile, i think it need to stop. stop the fire. its bad for the humminty.
    now the real story, in 1967 israel take over gaza from egypt. in 1979 isael and egypt do peace, egypt (the palastine brother) didnt want gaza strip, WHY???????
    second, in 2003 israel go out from gaza without any ceesfire from gaza goverment.from 2001 untill this days 250000 citizen of israel live in the danger of the missels from gaza. in this days is most to stop.

    please my friend (jewish, christian and islamics) go to you tube and look the movies from gaza.
    its true that children and women been killed, but just look how the hamas terrorist take palastines children and used them for human shiled. its horrible, and i need to choose from kill a terrorist and maybe a chaild from chosse a israeli solider, i did my chosse (the israeli will live). if the hamas dont care is pepole so why the world care about them????

    please answer my quistion!!!!!

    ISRAEL want peace, tell to syria lebanon and gaza to put the guns down and come to talk in a table, PLEASE!!!

    i am israeli and i will do everthnig for my country,
    hope for some quiet and peace in my country

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