Cameroon: Internet scams

George Esunge Fominyen lists a few internet scams that are becoming increasingly popular in Cameroon, competing with more famous ones in neighboring Nigeria.


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  • Shannon Roark

    We contacted Louis @ in Cameroon about Galah parrot eggs in response to ad # 237010 on He requested Western Union money for the eggs and shipping. With all the scams I wanted to check into this. We really want the birds, but need to be assurred that we’re not being scammed.

  • George

    Hi Shannon,

    Sorry, I am reacting to this a little late now.

    I do not how you got in touch with your suppliers but please be really careful about how you are dealing with them.

  • Nicole

    Hi Shannon – did it work out with the man from Cameroon? I am curious because I responded to an add for a puppy he is supposedly giving away (I would have to pay the shipping) and I want to know if he is legit or just a scammer. Please post a follow-up of your experience, I really appreciate it!

  • Steffany

    My name is Steffany. I was interested in a African Grey. It was posted in for El Paso, TX. Talk about a scam. This lady,.. man whatever was going by the name Nathalie Myrna … She explained to me that because of her job description she had to move to Victoria Island Comeroon. This rang bells for me. I started a little research and found out it was in Africa. I then did a search on her name and found a web site with this ladies same name and email and how she was scamming people with the idea’s of puppies! I went back to that web site where I found the add and found that their were so many add’s for puppies, cats, monkeys and birds with the same people or they all were related by Comeroon. STAY AWAY FROM THERE PEOPLE! Talk about sick people. I fell in love with the idea of having my bird and got heartbroken but at least they didn’t get my pocket book. I will be posting my story everywhere I can to tell everyone about the Comeroon scammers in hopes I can save someone heartache and money. Good luck folks and watch out for those scammers.

  • wassabobbe

    what do yo people call scamming?if your scamming is thesame as mine then ,there is no deal for africans to scam as well.whites(europeans and americans)have scammed the african continent for decades.we (black africans or africans as a whole)had no method(means) of spreading the massage that we are being that it is your turn to pay back ,you start shouting and crying.your parents and great grand parents scammed our parents and great grand parents;now we are scamming!so don’t cry we have cried and are still crying.

    • collector

      It is a shame tot hink that way
      How much are you scamming to the white people?
      coins and nothing more i am sure.
      I am indignated when i hear such stupids like you being proud of few coins that they have collected from some fondamentaly honest people who believed in the communication power on internet…
      The really rich people who are unfairly rich, you are never gonna reach them by that way, never at all…
      1% of the world population owns 90% of the world’s wealth. What percentage have you secured with you funny hundreds of dollars scan? I am sure it will take you millenia to secure 1% of the world’s wealth that way.
      Associate and trust each other, take risks and develop businesses and that is the only way of one day getting any rich withoout INTERPOL CIA or FBI being after you all the times.

  • Dear All,
    Alot of volunteers are losing their money in the name of volunteering programs in Cameroon.
    Scammers have now diverted from pet to volunteering.The scammers used the names of already exicting and well renowed NGOs in Cameroon.Their Caption;


    Please never you send money via Western Union. Always visit the organization website to get their really contact and phone numbers. Most NGO in Cameroon used Bank Transfer and not WESTERN UNION

    I also want to share with you some fake email addresses created by some scammer.
    All mails send to these addresses are FAKE

    Please do not fall a victim!!!!!

  • L.E. Osborn

    …I would like to know if there is anyone whom is aware of any “Scams” from Cameroon, involving “Invitations” from that country to another country (Example: to leave Cameroon to come to the USA)…?

  • DR.Hing

    There one of our family brother called lourdes so he is going from site to another tarnishing people image so do not believe in him.Yes scam really exist but a lot of people are being set up now at days so you should be careful.

  • Andrea

    I had been receiving email from Dr. Titus Ngu Ngu, from Cameron, responding an advertise that I post in Craigslist about a House that I need to sale. He’s sounds too ready to buy my property that he haven’t even see it yet. He mention to traveling tomorrow to mexico to buy my house. I am so suspicious from the beggining i google him and he’s is on the Cameroon Scammers List. Did anyone heard about him before?

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