Mexico: Anti-Kidnapping Expert is Kidnapped

Mexico is facing a crime wave, in which both national and foreign citizens are being targeted for kidnappings. A recent case took place in Saltillo, Coahuila, when U.S. anti-kidnapping expert Félix Batista was abducted by masked gunmen. Batista was in the country providing seminars as a consultant for the Texas-based security firm ASI Global LLC. His experience throughout Latin America dealing with this crime is sought after for groups wanting to learn how to avoid this crime. However, his kidnapping proves that anyone is risk.

The Mex Files has a few questions about the kidnapping case:

If Batista was an expert, how did he get himself kidnapped?

Batista was an employee of a Houston Texas “security consulting” firm called ASI Global. He reportedly was in Saltillo on personal business, but who
was he working for?

Is ASI Global one of the U.S. companies receiving funding for “Plan Merida”… and what does this say about the competence of the trainers?

Some statistics place kidnappings as occurring approximately 2 per day and especially prevalant in the northern border states. Mexico has the highest number of kidnappings per capita of any country in the world. These cases affect friends and family of the abducted, such as blogger Tony Scotti, who is a friend of Batista:

I know Felix, and he is a highly competent individual. Felix has more than 20 years of experience in the K&R business. Felix is a high profile guy, often quoted in the newspapers and in fact quoted in this month’s issue of Security Management Magazine. His high profile might have been the catalyst for the abduction. After reading the newspaper accounts it would be my guess that Felix was set up, and set up by someone he trusted.

El Nahual of México Para Los Mexicanos [es] is worried about what this act may mean for the rest of the country:

Mi primera reacción es de risa, por lo irónico. Mi segunda reacción es de miedo… si un experto ex militar con 24 años en el campo de la seguridad es secuestrado ¿Qué oportunidades le quedan al resto de los mortales de que no seamos secuestrados?

My first reaction is laughter, but in the ironic sense. My second reaction is fear… if an ex-military expert with 24 years of experience in the field of security is kidnapped, then that chance do the rest of us of that we won't be kidnapped?


  • Dan Hernandez

    The abduction of Felix batista is unfortunate. My prayers go out to Mr. Batista, his family and friends. As a former security consultant, I realize that we as protectors sometimes have to put ourselves in harms way to accomplish certain tasks.

    Some individuals have posted comments that would have the reader believe that Mr. Batista was incompetent after allowing himself to be abducted. This is absurd! Does one NOT take medical advice from a Physician that has some preventable disease or that has caught the flu?

    I ask that these individuals keep their unqualified comments to themselves. These comments do not help the situation nor do they inspire confidence in persons like Felix. These individuals offer so much of themselves to help others through one of the most difficult times that a victim and his family can ever experience.

    In closing, I wish to offer my prayers to Felix, his Wife and their children.


  • George

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