India, Pakistan: Asking for ‘proof’ only to deny them

Diganta at Horizon Speaks posts videos broadcast in a Pakistan News Channel which show that the captured Mumbai Terrorist Kasav is from Pakistan. He comments: “They are asking for ‘proof’ only to deny them. The purpose of getting the proofs from Pakistan was only to remove them quickly.”


  • Ajeet, Atlanta

    You hit the nail on the head, Pak wants proof only to remove them or pass it on to the respective people so that they can take cover or disappear. They have been doing this all along since 9/11. US was so naive to begin with when it thought Musharraf was helping the US catch the terrorists. It was all in vain, Musharraf and his cohorts were passing those evidences/proofs to people and thereby helping the terrorists. They are asking India for proof so they can do two things…first being, pass it on to the people accused in the proof and secondly (the major thing) Pak wants to find out how India gathers its intelligence, so Pak can better prepare. Why doesn’t Pak understand why US has started the drone attacks directly in FATA instead of “sharing the evidence” with Pak? US has come to realize that it does no good sharing their evidence, only to find out that its getting into the hands of wrong people. As long as Pak is in state of denial no other country can help it. Its just a matter of time Pak will implode with its own policies. You cannot make a fool of the world all the time. US will just wait for a while and decide to come after Pak. Hope it is not too late for Pak. Pakistan cannot afford to use terrorists as foreign policy tool. Better WAKE UP NOW!!!!! You are only going to lose. India does not want anything to do with Pakistan. If it were up to me I would not have any kind of relationship with Pakistan be it diplomatic or trade or cricket. I would seal the border completely and prevent any and all Pakis coming to India. INDIA DOES NOT NEED PAKISTAN!!!!!

  • Bharat

    India has known this all along and that’s why it is reluctant to share any intelligence with the neighbour. USA, Russia and Britain have this intelligence and are totally convinced that India is right and have informed this to the authorities in Pakistan. Pranab came out with the best statement to sum the situation in Pakistan – There are many centres of ‘power’ in pakistan. The way to squeeze pakistan would be to deny it water from all areas in india. India should disregard all water sharing treaties. India has been too kind to this shameless and mindless authorities in pakistan. If pakistan can go back on its word of not allowing terrorists to use their soil then India should hold them to responsible by withholding water until all terror training camps have been dismantled.

  • Pakistan want to see the proof because it helps compromise India’s on-ground human intelligence gathering system it has inside Pakistan. Providing evidence will give away a lof of information on India’s spy-espionage network in Pak and how they operate, which is why Pakistan keeps asking for them. Even then India has provided more evidence then US ever provided against Saddam’s WMD in Iraq. America is fully aware of Pak government’s open complicity with terrorist elements, America has more then enough independent evidence of its own witout the need for India to provide her with “evidence”. However America is not likely to take any action against Pakistan and will use her diplomatic resources only to restraint India. Its a price US is making India pay so it keeps US reasonably safer while terrorists are preoccupied with India. US wants India to make more compromises (for example on Kashmir) so IT can get Pakistan’s cooperation on War on Terror. Its like a blood money India pays for America’s safety.
    Bottomline: Alliance with US is downright detrimental to India’s security. US is part of the problem, it is not, never was and never will be part of the solution. Any option we consider would involve working against the US.

  • Alliance with US is downright detrimental to India’s security.

    – Well the fact is, no-alliance is no better :). Anyway, the point is – there are no evidences those can be full-proof.

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