Nepal: Rumors Surrounding The Captured Mumbai Terrorist

Rumors surrounding the background and identity of Ajmal Amir Kasab, the only terrorist involved in Mumbai attacks captured alive by authorities, is swirling around the internet. This time along with India and Pakistan, Nepal’s name has been dragged in.

On December 15th, a Pakistani lawyer C M Farooque claimed that in 2005 Kasab was “kidnapped” by Indian officials in Kathmandu with the help of Nepalese security forces to serve “ulterior plans” later.

“The advocate said he wrote letters to Pakistan and Indian governments in this regard. He said that he had also addressed a press conference in Nepal highlighting the issue in which he revealed that the Nepalese forces arrested Ajmal Kasab and many others and held them at an unknown place and that these people would be used for their ulterior designs at some later stage. He said that he had no contact with Ajmal Kasab ever since he disappeared.”

Farooque also claimed that Kasab was in Nepal in a business visa but the Indian officials took him away with an “ulterior” motive. He said that he was later contacted by Kasab’s parents to help find their son.

Pakistani and Indian Bloggers are discussing Farooque’s claim, with some skepticism, as Kasab himself has already come forward accepting his role in the attacks, his association in the terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Toiba and his parents in Pakistan have also identified him.

Nepalese government has released a statement denying Farooque’s claim of kidnapping:

“We have no such information,” home ministry spokesman Nabin Kumar Ghimire told IANS.

Although whether Kasab was actually kidnapped in Nepal by the Indian authorities is being strongly denied by both India and Nepal and very few seem to believe that in Pakistan, Nepal is getting serious flak for its inability to manage its border with India. The criticism is especially loud on the Indian side. The long, porous open border is seen by many as a serious security risk for both India and Nepal.

Ajit Chak at Merinews writes:

“Considering the threat posed by the Lashkar and allied groups, especially after the events in Mumbai, one would expect the Indian and Nepalese governments to take steps to control the wild border with Uttar Pradesh, or at least demand cooperation from each other in managing the border.”

India is also being criticized on the wake of Mumbai attacks. Dr. Hari Bansha Dulal at Nepali Perspectives says that India should examine its security policies:

“India's soft corner for those that raise arms against Nepali state did not end with its generosity towards the Maoists. It continues to provide safe heaven to armed secessionist groups that want to disintegrate Nepal. How is Pakistan's support to Jihadists that want to free Kashmir different from India's turning blind eyes on groups that have raised arms to seek secession? Armed struggle in Nepal will not survive without Indian benevolence.”

Along with the debate over Nepal and India’s policies and about Kasab’s identity, after Mumbai attacks internet is also being used by terrorists and their sympathizers to eulogize terrorists involved in the attacks. Times of India reported that many chat rooms are filled with discussions on Lashkar-e-Toiba. Messages glorifying Mumbai terrorists attacks and spreading hate against America, Israel and United Kingdom is commonly seen on these chat rooms frequented by extremists.

“Some of these electronic terrorists, who also dole out information on how to join LeT, urge the outfit for similar strikes in the US and UK. Ajmal Amir Kasab and the nine others involved in the Mumbai attack are described as heroes.”


  • How does the Kasav’s Nepal story fit with the earlier one dished out from the Dawn and Geo TV saying Kasav visited his village within last few months? They actually don’t. Either of these two has to be false.

  • Diganta, I have tried to check out your story. The Dawn of December 12, that finally confirms that Kasab belongs to Faridkot and contains a statement of acknowledgment by his father, says that he disappeared four years ago. Please give the sources you claim from Dawn and Geo. Until then, other readers should be cautious until they find independent confirmation of your claims regarding his recent visit to his village.

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  • Please see the Geo News clips here :

    The villagers say that he came back a few months back and showed his Karate power.

    This report confirms another independent report by Saeed Shah (this happens to be the first one on the case) who said that Kasav used to return once in a year.

  • Diganta, thanks for your response. I have checked out your two links and they confirm what you say. It is said Kasab used to come once a year, that he came last a couple of months ago for Eid, that he showed his karate prowess and that he is reported to have asked for his mother’s blessings for a jihad he was going to undertake. While this does militate against the lawyer C M Farooque’s claim that Kasab was abducted by Indian forces in 2005, one would still like to know whether there was an application with the Nepali Supreme Court in February 2008 and letters to the Indian high commission and Nepali forces. Terror attacks of this sort are more likely false flag operations than what they seem on the face of it. We now know this about 9/11. There were no Muslims involved. It does sound outlandish, but there is enough clear evidence to back the claim. Check out . It was a Zionist operation, with US government support. There are indications that the same forces are behind Mumbai. We can now see that In 9/11 the methods used were unusual and cutting edge. So we cannot rule out the possibility of Kasab being abducted and then ‘turned’, like in the CIA’s M K Ultra program. Google CIA, MK Ultra . There are many oddities to Kasab’s treatment after capture. The Indian authorities first showed him on TV, on the verge of death it was said, and only allowed to speak for five minutes at a time. But then the dean of the hospital said he was not wounded at all. Later we were told he had been shot in the palms of the hands. An unwounded Kasab would lead to a lot of questions. Maybe he was shot in the palms later. The only other witness to the Karkare murder, police inspector Jadhav, has a quite fantastic story to tell as well. And he also has some cosmetic wounds. Karkare’s autopsy has been delayed way past the sell-by date. His body was cremated before the report was released. Antulay’s question has thrown the Indian establishment into disarray. So if this event has not been done by the same forces who carried out 9/11, with the co-ordination and blessings of the BJP and the Indian government, in order to break up Pakistan, it will take a lot of tying up of loose ends to establish the fact. In the meantime, the lead question is, Who benefits? It is not Pakistan. It is Western, Zionist-controlled imperialism, and it is, at least in the imagination of many of its leaders, India.

  • I don’t want to discuss conspiracy theories. Please …

  • Dear Diganta, or whoever is writing under that name. Of course you do. You already have. Your point was to argue for the Indian government’s story (theory) of the conspiracy that shook Mumbai. Do look up the word in a dictionary. It comes from ‘con’ meaning ‘together’ ‘aspire’ meaning ‘to breathe’ and ‘to hope’ — the word denotes people acting together to plan a crime or to commit one. Or are you suggesting that governments never lie about these sorts of things in order to go to war? If so, there is an educational treat in store for you. All you have to do is take a look at the website How 9/11 Was Done. At . The same people probably did Mumbai. To get a better sense of the global background, I highly recommend the article “Creating an ‘Arc of Crisis’: The Destabilization of the Middle East and Central Asia – The Mumbai Attacks and the ‘Strategy of Tension'” by Professor Andrew G Marshall. Here is the link: . If the link does not show here, go to the website of , and look up the articles under the name Marshall.

  • Peace

    Sarz, i really pity your knowledge and your ” Gen Hamid Gul” mentality. God save your country Pak if you guys continue to live in a delussionary world.

  • neeraj sharma

    When India Knows that Pakistan canot be trusted and many Pakistani Organisations are supported by Pak Govt and loved by pakistanis, why does India believe Pakistan. It is no secret that they hate us from depth of their heart but we go on hoping that one day wisdom will descend on them and they would realise their mistakes. The day will come when they strike India with N bomb and India hardly in a position to reply back. No wonder Indians have remained under foreign rule for 1000 years.

  • To “Peace”. My country happens to be India and I am the son of one of the framers of the Indian Constitution. I am horrified to see my country being hijacked by sinister forces of Western imperialism and the well-placed Indians who are willing to serve them. As for Hamid Gul, I do not know why you are mentioning him, but let me mention an interview he did with Alex Jones, the independent American journalist, which I am sure will be of interest to readers of this site. The address is

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