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Palestine: Terrorist Dolls Not the Best Stocking Stuffer

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“What could be more enjoyable for your kids this year than a doll resembling an Al-Qaeda terrorist?” asks [1] Palestinian-American blogger Nawal of Bloggin’ Banat.

“It comes fully accessorized too (which is awesome cause that’ll save you money during this financial crisis). It comes with hand grenades, a pistol, an assault rifle and the all too important rocket launcher (awesome, huh?). And just so you know, there’s a Nazi major figure also. You know, just to even out the indignation.”

terrorist doll

Fashioned after the classic Lego, dolls are made by BrickArms [2] of Redmond, Washington (USA). The website features 10 military dolls, including US Marines and Nazis, as well as 31 different weapon packs.

The doll pictured above is known as “Mr. White,” [3] and sells for $14 USD. Accompanying accessories are a headwrap, pistol, assault rifle, grenades, and bandoleer.

In case you were thinking of purchasing a doll for the holiday season, know that due to overwhelming demand, the majority of dolls are on back order. But never fear, the company's owner assures us, orders will resume shortly with new products in stock.