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Egypt: Call for Commemorating Saddam Hussein

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On the second anniversary of the execution of ousted Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, and in coordination with the Iraqi community in Cairo, five Egyptian political parties called for commemorating the late president.

After quoting Al Youm 7 newspaper [1], An Egyptian [2]wrote:

Believe it or not they want to honor a psycho terrorist assassin like Saddam who thought of himself as a kind of prophet or a god. Imagine if one day one of these parties ruled Egypt, how are they going to rule? For sure their regime will follow the footsteps of Saddam – “the patriot hero” as they call him. What will other nations think of us when they read such a news? Where is state security police? Why didn't they arrest them? Guess whom these parties hate? They hate president Mubarak.

Mr. president I wish you longer years of ruling, you are much much better.

Voice of Egypt [3]also commented on the same event saying:

مين دول؟ حد سمع عنهم قبل كده؟
و أنا بقول هم ما بيعارضوش ليه؟ طبعاً مش فاضيين
ده صدام حسين اللي ارتكب أبشع الجرائم ضد الإنسانية، عاملينله مؤتمر و بيخلدوا ذكراه و واصفينه بالشهيد البطل رمز الصمود و مش بعيد يطالبوا ان نحطله تمثال في ميدان رمسيس.. الواحد ما شفهمش يعني بيعملوا مؤتمرات قبل كده علشان الديمقراطية و لا قانون الطواريء و لا المعتقلين و لا رغيف العيش حتي!
أيها السادة رؤساء أحزاب المعارضة.. جتكم القرف

Who are those people? Has anyone heard of them before? Why their voices were never heard in opposition but no wonder, why would they oppose to anything if they held a conference in honor and commemoration of a tyrant like Saddam Hussein? They call him a martyr, a hero, and an icon of tolerance. I wouldn't be surprised if they demand putting his statue in the middle of Ramsis Street. One has not heard of those parties organizing any conference discussing democracy, the emergency law, the detainees, or even the unavailable loaf of bread.

Gentlemen … heads of those parties … you are a disgrace!