Ethiopia: Is the Orthodox church losing ground?

Arefe of Addis Journal comments on the decrease in the number of Orthodox Christians, traditionally the dominant church in Ethiopia, in the new census of the country. And, drawing on Professor Medhane Tadesse's essay, “Religion, Peace and the Future of Ethiopia”, he analyses the reasons for this decrease.


  • Bruce

    I am very sorry for those who think they know but they don’t. Don’t u guys know that Ethiopia was pagan before christianity? don’t u know that ortodox accepts the pagan celebrities and name them like gishen mariam and many other. please google on the web about why many theologians( i repeat many theologians) ignore ethiopia on their study. that is because Ethiopian ortodox church wants to believe they are the called one. Yes the bible talked about Ethiopia but not the Ethiopia that existed now.

  • hiwane

    i am sorry about what is going on on orthodox church &her followers. why we are still sleeping , especaly the fathers please walkup.even if christ teaches us sacrfication but i dont think that we are expeceted or ordered to be silent. what is next going on? Everybody please dont sleep ,when u are at risk.

  • Wubshet

    I agree there is a problem with our church. The most probelem is the present politics in the country, I believe. This will not last long and I am sure things will be changed. Last time I was in Geneve by WCC (World church council) where Ethiopian Orthodox is a member and president at present. Ethiopian Orthodox is the world biggest Orthodox population with respect to Orienatal orthodox. You will never undermine the position of Ethiopian Orthodox in the world we have. Ethiopian Orthodox has many unique and mysterious secrets of christianity than any other christians including Catholic. But due to our poor position and organizationally incapable system, all our wealth kept underground till now. But there is time for every thing. Our faith always challenged by every Ethiopian political regime. This time is not unique from the provious. Ethiopian Orthodox misused by every political system. We should not deny these truth. If it was free, not only for our faith, it would have been a cure for the political problems. Believe had change people political turmoil. But the influence of politics on faith is very high and the church leaders submit themselves to the political leaders. That is a big problem.

    May God help us to give the time to solve this problem, Amen

    Wubshet from Holland

  • At the very begining,I am glad to astonish Pro.Medhane’ s research due to the fact that it is so critical and urgent issue.As amatter of fact,Fanatic Islam would be the real enemy for peace and stability0 of the world.They are narrow minded and need to entertain their interest through violence act. That is their only means to convert to Islam,according to their scripture-korean.for instance, those who lives Jimma,Wellega and other regions of state have been holocausted. Orthodox Church always ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of love and peace.There fore,some thing must be done.that is,isolate the fanatic Islam from other followers who stand for,is their any some sort of measurement to know whether fanatic or not?

  • “no more the bell ring again,wake up”orthodox church voice

  • Wubshet

    All readers,

    Please check this links, too.

    There are two Orthodox christianity. Oriental and Bezantine which has very minor difference. We Ethiopians including Armenians, Egyptians, Syrians and Indians grouped under oriental Orthodox, While the rests like Rusian, Serbian, Greeks,Turkey and all orthodox in that areas grouped under Bezantine where thier head office is in Istanbul.


    Wubshet from Holland

  • Getch

    Dear christians,don’t surprise decreasing the number of orthodox christians in Ethiopia.Think of the current impact of globalization on religion,culture,identity etc.All these problems are a result of our sin.You know that the wage of sin is permanet death.We expect more problems in future unless we pray,fast,worship.Our church fathers are not like the previous fathers.So what is better is keeping rules and regulations of The Ethiopian orthodox church dogma in addition to the Ten commandment of God so that God will give mercy for Ethiopians.God is not like human beings to revenge the sinner.
    May God Keep Ethiopia forever

  • tsegaye tadesse

    my name is tsegaye tadesse i have first degrew in chemistry and i follow church education in gibe gubae of gonder and jimma and now i want to communicate(share ideas)with other orthodox christians

  • tsegaye tadesse

    i am an orthodox christian means from ethiopian orthodox church and i am commiteed to do any thing that the church ask me

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