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Japan: Hatena Bottle a spam trap?

Categories: East Asia, Japan, Citizen Media, Ideas, Technology

In a post entitled, “I realized for the first time yesterday that Hatena is doomed” [昨日初めて「”はてな”はダメだ」と思った], blogger id:grgr56 explains how they tried out the new service “Hatena Bottle” yesterday [1] [ja] and concluded: “Hatena Bottle is a spam trap”: “I noticed [after registering] that mails started coming. […] If you go to the top page of Hatena Bottle [2] [ja], you'll see that nothing is written about what kind of service it is. I guess some people must consider it the fault of the person who registers for the service [that they end up getting spam mails]. Well, that was my mistake. I overestimated Hatena.”