Ethiopia: Teddy Afro gets a six-year sentence

Addis Journal reports that Teddy Afro was been given a six-year sentence on Monday, convicted on two charges of killing a homeless in hit-and-run accident and driving away without reporting the incident. His arrest last April two years after the original incident captured nationwide interest, was filled with drama and inspired a petition for a fair and speedy trial.


  • Natai

    Hey Guys!!! leave us please. This is not special event to get all this media coverage.We have so many things to do rather than just talking about a single amara singer.

  • Everyone was talking about this when I was in Addis last summer!

  • hhhhhhhhh

    hey guys he don’t have a driving licence and let a homeless guy to death. i feel sorry for him. and to all ethiopian people i want to say nobody nobody is above the law so keep quit

  • Gina

    Teddy did the crime so he should pay for it. why should he get a different treatment just because he is a talented singer. let him pay for the death of the homeless man.

  • wow wow wow! it is so amazing to me how we Ethiopian are so far away from reality. let’s try to separate the facts from myths…
    First, Teddy is a great artist who transformed/contributed to the music industry a great deal. in return he made a fortune and a name for himself. – I ain’t mad at him! good job. but that is that!
    Second teddy was imprisoned on the terms of hit-and-run allegedly killing another ‘helpless’ human being. Now if his witness and reasoning has proven to be correct he will be released if not he ought to legally responsible to the man he performed vehicular homicide.
    Now, if we choose bypass the fact that he killed someone on the mere alignment of him as a role model is totally senseless. We should be asking our conscious what exactly makes a role model… because someone is able to stir our dull emotion with beats and words and phrases … we just don’t claim that person to be a hero hence to give him a refugee from all responsibilities…

    I personally don’t think teddy’s rubbing off with the government has caused his incarceration. if teddy is in the truth side, believe you me! the truth shall set him free. else he has to be responsible.

    on a slight different note, how come we Ethiopians are so angry about Teddy’s situation but NOT mad at our current naked impoverished state of existence? it is amazing to me how we can be so complacent about the ever beggar, hunger stricken way of life of millions in our nation? but, teddy’s imprisonment is such a shocking life impact moment of truth! ( PLEASE!)
    that is our hypocrisy! How I wish if we have a tiny bit of zeal to be a part of the development of this nation? how I wish we have a deep sense of shame on the state of existence our citizens has to live every day? well we choose the easy way out, which doesn’t require any action at all! we blame the government!

    how I wish we wake up and honestly challenge ourselves beyond the shallow “my way or the highway” arrogant attitude that shadows our logical reasoning?

  • hana

    This is so cruel. How can a person who is found with no evidence of guilt be charged and sent to a jail? For those who said he killed the man I wonder how you become so sure. it was like a drama in his trial. teddy is a big singer.And it is not because he is Amhara. It is because he is a brave Ethiopian who raised the issue of Unity. nobody can deny this fact.we Ethiopians need his fair justice.And we won’t be quite when anyone dares to break our heart. It’s not far to get our mended heart back. Let’s shout! Let’s tell the truth.

  • dizzy

    hey hana what you said is right but teddy he dosent have a licence,lets take me i don’t have a licence and i kill some guy that you know what will you say? i will be i’ll get the same punshiment NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAW we should obey the law.

  • Hana

    Hi dizzy. To make myself clear, I don’t believe Teddy has killed the man. The reasons are very clear. if you followed the trial, I’m sure you’ll change your mind. There are no evidences to accuse him. I never follow a case so close before. If I believed teddy killed the man, I would not have this opinion for sure. Crime is crime. But I strongly believe Teddy is deprived from justice! He is in jail for something he didn’t do.And one question for you. What do you feel if anyone you know close became a victim of mal injustice?


    Hello every one
    please see Ethiopia from all corner
    the great nation have to be together
    we remember what happend with siye abraha
    weyane changed law after they relased from prision their fighter man who was great for them. then before he reach his house they caught him again.
    please Ethiopia living with out rule so what do you think about teddyAFRO?
    TEDDY AFRO the one who sing about christain and muslim to live in diffrent faith in one love .he was the one singing about forgiveness say peace we need to our country
    London ANT

  • tafla

    hey you donkey amharians cant you think more than you speak.teddy is a minor and a minor azmari of Ethiopia .if he committed the crime he should deserve in jail(behind the bars)for the sentenced be bluntly the almighty god knows the truth but i am saying this if only he killed the homeless guy.have you ever recognized that the dead citizen”degu ybeltal”has an equal write with teddy.god judge him to spent 6 years in jail to get back him to his conscious.

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