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DRC: Cartoons satirize Congolese politics

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It's been just one month since Congolese President Joseph Kabila named a new government [1] in an effort to quell mounting criticism over his inability to quell rebel violence in the east, and many bloggers remain skeptical about the country's future.

A lot has been written about Congo's precarious situation (see posts by GV author Elia Varela Serra [2], who has [3] closely [4] followed [5] recent developments), but sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Alex Engwete [6] posts this cartoon, produced by Human Rights Watch, which satirizes Kabila's shutting out of civil society and opposition voices and the tacit support of foreign donors.


Mort_dans_la_Plaine_copie [7]

(Image by Barly Baruti)

Journalist Cedric Kalonji [8] posts these political cartoons on his Flickr photostream [9]:

Liberté de la presse en RDC by Congo Blog. [10]

Mustached man: “For all the information you need, go to the source”



Girl, left: “MOTHER, the government is in place, but I didn't see your name.  What happened?”
Woman, right: “Ah!  But they forgot Article 14 of the Constitution…”

(Article 14 [12] mandates equal gender representation at all levels, national, provincial and local.)