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The Balkans: Tragic Legacy

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Cafe Turco writes on the inaccuracies [1] in Resolution 819 film and posts a translation of Hasan Nuhanović's article [2] that challenges “the veracity of some scenes.” Srebrenica Genocide Blog writes [3] on a recent exhumation of “50 complete and 883 partial human remains of Srebrenica genocide victims” and links to a documentary [4] by a Serbian journalist, who “filmed the Srebrenica genocide unfolding, and then […] attempted to cover up the evidence.” Belgraded reports [5] that “Serbia and Croatia [are suing] each other over genocide” and hosts a ‘genocidal state’ vs ‘genocidal nation’ discussion. Amila Bosnae hosts a discussion on dealing with the past [6] in the post-war Balkans. Greater Surbiton exposes [7] former Belgrade Jewish community president's views on the Holocaust in Serbia.