Terror in Mumbai: Theories, strategies and more Media

An online list of people who are injured, in hospitals or reported dead has been put up on a google spreadsheet. The spreadsheet has details of people's names and which hospitals they are in. At Mahalo, a comprehensive link list is being updated with links to various sources of information.

Mumbai terror victims list

Offstumped takes a scathing look at how media has handled the coverage of the terror attacks in Mumbai so far.

But let it be clear Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai and your compatriots in the 24×7 media, we dont need you taking out of context every single event and analysing it threadbare.
This is not the 20×20 cricket league, spare us your running commentary.
If you really care about defeating the Terrorists and Winning this War here are a few suggestions:

- In an incident like this nobody has a full accounting of facts. Accurate Information is the most scarce commodity. Do some hard work by reaching out to the citizens of Mumbai to re-construct eye witness accounts.

Internationally, the particular case of possible Israeli hostages has been discussed on quite a few blogs – like Jewlicious and Baltimore Jewish.

Amidst the wave of ongoing terrorist attacks taking place in the city of Mumbai in India, the local Chabad House was overtaken by gunmen. Gavriel Holtzberg, his wife Rivka and their young son, along with several Israelis, have been taken hostage inside the Chabad House.

Mujahideen Ryder writes on the possible backlash this may provoke against Muslims in India.

Now we have some idiots who claim to be “mujahideen” killing these innocent people. Really makes me mad on why some of these terrorists think when they do these things. Then again these terrorists do not follow the Qur’an or Sunnah. They follow their leaders who have brainwashed them. There is also a possibility that they could not be Muslim and just a group trying to make Muslims look bad. I can definitely seeing extremist Hindu groups doing this.

Even as the standard rhetoric hits the tv channels about the “outsider hand” or possible fundamentalist groups, conspiracy theories are doing the rounds.

Our worst fears have come true. It is clear that Mossad is involved in the whole affair. An entire city has been attacked by Mossad and probably units of mercenaries. It is not possible for one single organization to plan and execute such a sophisticated operation. It is clear that this operation was backed by communal forces from within the Indian State. The Home Minister Shivraj Patil should resign. The RSS-BJP-VHP-Bajrang Dal should be banned.

Intellibriefs takes a closer look at the method in the terror madness, talking of the strategies of attacking a city.

1. Terrorists primarily targeted posh areas, high end cafes and hotels frequented by foreigners. Terrorists are trying to paint India as an unsafe place for tourism and business.

2. It seems that a separate module of terrorists planted IEDs at different places to spread panic, uncertainty and confuse the thrust of retaliatory action of Police.

3. Thus, it may be deduced that terrorists were grouped in different type of sabotage teams; some were involved in opening direct fire and engaging security forces while other teams planted IED's to make it difficult for administration to quantify the scale and gain an early upper hand.

On a personal note, the reactions from bloggers, tweeters and the online social media world are far more insightful than the panic mode adopted by TV news channels. More as it comes…


  • Offstumped?? That’s one man whose current purpose is to somehow get the BJP to win (as he himself admits), plus a bunch of commenters whose rantings which support everything from rapes, murders and even a civil war for the Hindu cause.

    Their criticism of the media is, and has always been, even if they were reporting the weather a constant for a couple of years I think.

    Media were overboard as usual, notwithstanding those psychos on OffStumped, of course.

  • Daron D.

    Whoever claims that the Israeli Mossad is somehow involved in these sloppy attacks is smoking some serious brain altering substances. If the mossad was heading such an operation you would have half of Mumbai killed you idiotic inbred. This whole spectacle is just a testament of how cowardly and weak these pathetic excuses for human life think they can infiltrate a country that has no intention of attacking or show hatred towards any other nation. That is why their defenses are not strong. The attackers are simply testing the waters to make themselves believe that they can do the same operation anywhere else in the world. Meanwhile the gutless leaders of these groups are laughing it away in their dark cold caves, soaking up all the attention that they so desperately seek just so they can convince themselves that that have some productive purpose in life. The reality is that they are all cowards and will be killed off one by one because they lack a simple trait called “intelligence”. If anything the mossad will be the ones that save this crisis. The only difference is that you will not know about it. Wake up “Evil” your clock is ticking.

  • mm

    As Muslims, we condemn such senseless carnage against innocent civilians, wherever it may occur. This goes against the fundamental spirit of Islam, which promotes a culture of life and humanity, not bloodshed and violence. And another example of why extremist ideology, whatever that ideology may be, needs to be refuted and condemned.

    “Whoever kills a person [unjustly]… it is as though he has killed all mankind. And whoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved all mankind.” (Qur’an, 5:32)

    Today, we join all Indians in expressing our outrage and our condemnation of this senseless spilling of innocent blood.

    Terrorists on Murderous Rampage in Mumbai: As Muslims, We Condemn it

  • omar ali

    lets look at some knowns and them guess at the unknowns.
    1. Obviously, Pakistan is going to be blamed in some way for having organized and trained these terrorists (or their initial mother organizations) in the first place. Some people in Pakistan will complain that the US itself started this monster in Afghanistan, but that will not buy them any sympathy. Whatever role the US played, Pakistan’s “intelligence” services (what an ironic term) picked up that ball and ran with it. Now, this is their baby and everyone else expects them to do something about it.
    2. IF the current pakistani government goes out of its way to cooperate and IF there is no direct link between current ISI officers and this particular operation, they can avoid serious sanctions, but they will face an even more aggressive Islamist revolt within Pakistan as this kind of cooperation with the infidel forces will go beyond just Afghanistan (which is bad enough in the eyes of the Islamists) but will strike at the very heart of the whole jihadi operation in Pakistan. People like Hafiz Saeed and Maulana Azhar may have to be shut down. Azhar is already outside the official loop, but until now the military has protected Hafiz Saeed and his LET operation (presumably by convincing the Americans that these are Kashmir specific terrorists and that protecting them is a red line that the Pak army cannot cross, etc etc) but this may no longer be tenable.
    3. Pakistan will probably have to give up Daud Ibrahim. given his longtime links with the ISI, my guess is that if he is still in Pakistan he will be handed over dead rather than alive.
    4. IF the operation was arranged via BD, then BD will also have to take action against the Islamists there. Again, the Americans and Indians are actually easier to satisfy than the jihdadis. The military regime may face an islamist revolt similar to the one the Pak army is already facing.

    I will stick my neck out with predictions:
    1. Pakistan and BD will promise to cooperate and actually WILL take action against Jihadis and underworld networks they have hitherto sheltered or even assisted.
    2. In exchange for this cooperation, they will get more money and no serious sanctions will be applied on them by either India or the US led coalition. Some cosmetic sabre rattling will no doubt take place. But good sense will prevail.
    3. The jihadis will be in a state of open war not only with all the infidel nations, but also with the current regimes in Pakistan and BD.
    4. India will survive this crisis and if they can control the impulse to kill a few thousand innocent Muslims, they will actually emerge stronger because this will lead to some serious reorganization of their extremely primitive and inept security services.
    5. BD will probably survive an uptick of violence there as well.
    6. Pakistan will be the biggest loser. If they cooperate with the international community, the jihadi insurgency will accelerate and the jihadist section of the establishment will fight a messy rearguard action against the pragmatists who will cooperate with the anti-jihadist powers. If they dont cooperate, they will be alternately pressured and cajoled by the US and its friends and while immediate consequences may not be bloody, the long term damage to Pakistan as a member of the international community will be very severe.
    7. If Pakistan does not cooperate, this WILL make things harder for India. Their establishment is as corrupt and inept as ours and the pressure to do something will overwhelm their good sense….in that case, we may take them down with us….I do think this is the LESS likely scenario. I am an optimist.

  • ABA

    False Flag – Absolutely.
    Just ref to USS Liberty
    Marriot hotel blast, Pakistan
    Abu Nadal of black sept
    US marine barracks blast, Beirut 1983 etc and you will know how the Mossad operates.

    buy yourself ” By Way Of Deception: a book by an ex mossad agent plus “they dare to speak out”
    by an ex US congressman.

    The jews / zionists have got their fingers across US and Euoropean mercantile throats – so to speak!

    ab vajpayee, former indian pm had very categorically stated in one of speeches,” why is it that every time we (Pakistan & India) start talking sense there is a cross border shelling and small arms fire” no prizes for guessing!

  • manus.karapus

    its war of beliefs, the muslims who thinks they should be inherit the world and the rest of us.

  • manus.karapus

    Do we really think Muslims will stop acting like these if Americans or the British go back to their respective hiding holes ? or if all Americans or British just magically disappear ?

    How come there is no outcry from the Muslim Brothers ? Oh I forgot , we are not their Brothers, we are not humans to the Muslims anyway.

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