Middle East: Shock and Anger at Mumbai Terror Attacks

This post is part of the Global Voices coverage on the terror attacks in Mumbai, India on November 26, 2008.

Bloggers from the Middle East were quick to respond to the Mumbai terror attacks with shock and anger.

Israeli blogger Yael says the news has developed from “bad to worse” as the size of the calamity unfolded.

She further notes:

It is simply horrifying. We have words like evil and depraved but we really don’t have a vocabulary to describe the depths of depravity for acts like this where just soulless terrorists seek to kill as many innocent civilians as they can. We, who have experienced so many suicide bombings and terrorist attacks against our civilians, grieve with the family and friends of the victims. We grieve with the people of India and share your horror at these heinous acts. My heart is with the people of Mumbai tonight.

From Egypt, Zeinobia, writes:

I feel sad and angry for those terrible acts because I know that innocent people died for no reason and that my country can face such terrible acts.

Watching the terror unfold, she notes:

# This is highly orchestrated work with lots of planning.
# You need highly trained elements to carry out such operation in the same time with no mistake , it is more than 11 people for sure.You do not train them in mountains for sure.
# You need to have a hi-tech telecommunication network can’t be traced to orchestrate the work of these groups in different places.Check the CNN interactive map
#You need lots and lots of information so you choose the correct time and place.

Zeinobia further concludes:

You need an army to do such a dirty job not some Mickey Mouse organization never been heard before !!

From Palestine, The Angry Arab's Comment Section, posts a news link to the story – and one reader is quick to condemn the attacks.

Moyhabin writes:

This is simply awful.

Life-of-Rubin, from Israel a Jewish blogger from New York, US, initially reported that a Rabbi could be among those missing in Mumbai. The blogger later updated the post, saying that the story has been “changing rapidly.”

On the terror attacks, ChaimRubin notes:

Terrible news coming out of India tonight following a terrible terrorist attack, the worst in India’s history.

Stay tuned for more reactions from the Middle East – and the rest of the world, through Global Voices’ Special Coverage page on the attack here.


  • ace

    WHY ??? People forgot the reason why they are living on this planet. I am so sad and actually mad. But I still believe in peace and love.

  • NRI

    Although It is good to see people showing solidarity especially with israel and India, however these are islamic terrorists and by writing messages from the middle east we should not confuse this.

    25% of the worlds population is muslim and although condeming the attacks is thoughtful, the muslim communities should be doing more to root out these organisations.

  • fawad kazmi

    There is no justification of killing innocent people …in simple words the last nite act is terrorism,without any debate..The point in light is this that why these common people become terroristz? what force them to leave their families and loved ones? What transforms them to be such a brutal? what are the causes? unless and until we don’t address such issues that we wil be facing such incidents and blame game will continue for ever

  • Ahmed

    Hi, I am from Lahore, Pakistan and I would like to share my sympathies for the families of innocent civilians killed in this awful and cowardly attack. Remember we are also hit by terrorism, more than any other country on this planet and it is really awful to hear responsible journalists on channels like CNN pointing everything on Pakistan. We are also a severe victim of terrorism , please don’t forget that. the ATS chief who was killed last night was interrogating Hindu extremists and planner of melagaon !!

  • Xen

    What India needs are brave people like Arnie, Chuck, Jean Claude, Rambo, XXX, Steven Segal,Bruce Willis, Bourne. These people should be unleashed on the 7 sites and single handledly they will conquer and get control. I would strongly advise the Indian troops to train such brave soldiers. May good succeed over evil.

  • Shaan

    @Ahmed from Lahore
    It is your government and military’s policy of using terrorism that is affecting you as well as everyone else in the planet. Whether you like it or not today all Pakistanis around the world are looked up with suspicion. Why does not your society do anything about it? Terrorists have a free run in your cities and your government runs terrorist training camps. Don’t try to distract by citing an isolated incident of bomb planting by militant Hindus. If your religion is so peaceful why don’t your religious leaders advise against terrorism? Instead your religious leaders are themselves engaging in terror acts.

  • bbd

    India is Great. Indians, of all religions, ARE GREAT.


    Look at how bravely ordinary Indians face such attacks.

  • vivekiyer1

    Is Manmohan Singh serious?
    Is India going to get a Federal Bureau of Investigation? Surely, a necessary precondition would be the complete depoliticization of the Police not to mention the decriminalization of Legislative Assemblies and Parliament. That’s a pretty tall order. Even if it was accomplished there would still be the problem of the political instrumentalizaion of disorder for short term electoral gains. In that context, the entire political class in India has a vested interest in preserving the status quo and preventing the emergence of a powerful, Federal level, anti-terrorism task force.
    What is the way forward? Surely, India must do something otherwise the Naxalites and other extremists- communal or caste based- might jump on the bandwagon.
    Who should we look to for leadership?

  • Pratheesh

    Another reason for us free citizens of the world to stand together and weed out these ruthless anti-social elements. how are we managing to create and tolerate such barbarians in the 21st century ?
    All of us need to rise to this situation and say no to terrorism.

    My prayers and wishes to the victims and their families.

  • kgc

    Now is the time for all moderate & educated Muslims everywhere to vocally & visibly denounce this attack on innocent people as UnIslamic and cowardly.

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