Middle East: Mumbai Terror Attack “Crazy and Inhumane”

Bloggers in the Middle East woke up this morning to news of terror and mayhem in Mumbai, India, and are still coming to terms with the size of the calamity.

Weld El-ma6aba, from Kuwait, reports that eight Kuwaitis are among the hostages. He writes:

I won’t get into the details of this crazy and inhumane story as it’s covered by most of the news websites and channels such as CNN and BBC.
What I want to mention is that 8 of the hostages are from Kuwait. your prayers for them please. The good thing is that these hostages apparently have been treated well and were given the chance to contact their family and assure them that things are “ok”.

News of the Kuwaiti hostages appears in the Arabic online newspaper Alaan, which reports that the eight hostages are all women, in Mumbai, on a private visit.

Grey, an Indian expatriate in Kuwait, writes:

This is a sad day …
really sad ,
really sad….

And writing on Mideast Youth, Elinor from Iran, says:

Our hearts mourn with India; we owe the land with as many Hindi movies we have watched, with as many moves from its exotic dances we have learnt as a child, India! Be away from chaos, you are worth millions of worlds. May G-d obliterate the enemies of people, the enemies of peace,
the enemies of life and humanity. May G-d comfort the families of the precious people who lost their lives in the attacks, May G-d help the ones who are now in the evil hands of the terrorists, oh they may
create the unrest, but they can never change the heavenly image of India. Jai Hindustan.

In Jordan, American Kinzi is finding it difficult to celebrate Thanksgiving with such news making the headlines. She writes:

Giving thanks is difficult with the astonishing terror still unresolved in Mumbai. Oh Lord, families kidnapped, children killed in rail-stations, stop this evil.

But for one Malayalee (Kerala native) blogger Chaya Kada, who lives in the UAE, the attacks trigger deeper questions.

McMenon asks:

With all its imperfections and contradictions, India is my country and I am proud to be an Indian. Last night, our nation was attacked. Once again, terror came to Mumbai, India’s financial/commercial capital.

Why is it that we as a nation have always been a soft target? Whether it was the Afghanis hundreds of years back, the marauding East India Company – British Raj or the Pakistanis in the last sixty years?

Our intelligence agencies have once again failed to stop this terror attack. The very police chief, Hemant Karkare, who led the investigation – which revealed the ugly side of home-grown terror in the Malegaon Blast, was one of the killed in last night’s terror attack.

Why do we have to give the benefit of doubt to the Pakistani government or its military and intelligence agency (ISI)? They have caused so much harm to our nation in the last six decades, that there is no reason to think they have good intentions towards India.


  • aman chishty

    i seriously condemn this kind of terror where there is killing of innocent human being which is the best of creation by the creator , may peace be with them and their families who got shaheed in this incident . and the almighty punishes the culpret , and rescue the innocent people . may this country and the whole world adopt the beautiful saying of Khwaja baba who message was to Love Towards All , Malice Towards None .

    from the humble servant of khwaja garib nawaz (r.a)
    aman chishty
    ajmer sharif

  • Asif

    God has given beautiful life to all. No human has the right to take ones life. It is a great sin which will never be forgiven. God will punish every terrorist who has hurt innocents. Humanity is to save humans. Lets fight together against terrorism with non violence. Joins hands and pray for wellness of all who are suffering because of this brutal attacks. This is one earth created by God, we have to bring back the brotherhood in all humans.

  • Jimmy

    These terrorists think they are courageous, and sacrificial, they undergo tough training for years in isolated places far away from civilaztion,they breathe,eat,drink hatred,on a fateful day as 26th they carry hevvy ammunition in to the midst of the innocent, children,eldrly and women make their right targets!and they execute their the the massacre! they leave many families,and the humanity in to deep mourning!
    they are cowards of the civilization and all those,be it politicians,presidents and religious fundamentalists who target the innocent are the same.
    God, why do you allow all such animals to get a name called ‘man’?

  • The heartbreak of this is overwhelming. Thanks for the mention, Amira dear.

  • Catherine S

    Moderate Muslims everywhere need to speak out against this toxic radical hatred, and offer specific solutions.


    this kind of inhumane act will not be tolerated by the creator and they will be punished here in this world and heareafter. May Allah give strength to all our brave commondos, army, police, navy etc.. who are involved in saving the lives of the near and dear ones of all. We as Indians should stand together to condemn this henious act of terrorism and whoever has done this and any organizations behind this should be treated with the strictest laws and punishments. May Allah send his curse and punish all of them behind this with the maximum punishments….

  • Raghavendra

    As there is good & bad in peopleo there are people with proper understanding and improper understanding of scriptures and relegion. Improper or misunderstanding of relegion leads to hatred and voilence as we have noticed in the last few days. People of all relegions, particularly of Islam have a responsibility to openly speak out against all these cowardly acts of voilence and hatred committed by the so called Jihadis(Better to call them Animals-I am afraid that I may offend animals since they do not kill unless they are hungry). It is about time that all moderate, considerate people of all religions to speak out to protect human values and our civilization. Silence of the mejority is no more acceptable for the survival of humanity. Speak out against the soulless brutes, savages and animals. Speak out against Hatred and Voilence. Speak out to support Human Values, Tolerance, Understanding and Love.

  • car313

    hey people
    please read the quran/bible/torah/bhagavad geetha/Manu dharma shaasthra/adi saahib/whatever. then …only then you can understand the terrorist as well as his victim. all these scriptures provide for violent retribution and a monopoly of of religious sentiment. in that much a certain ‘amount’ or ‘quantity’ of the martyr as well as the martyred is needed. it satisfies a very deep need of humans to to inflict mutual injuries for the purpose of valor and courage. this will prevail as long as we wish it to be. obviously not enough people have got disgusted with religion and its proponents. until then we will continue to kill and be killed.
    maybe, lastly, because god has made us multiply, he will have to divide and decimate us. if he cannot do it himself, he can always hire the agents.

  • Raghavendra

    Dear car 313,
    All these scriptures, particularly Bhagavadgita talks about destruction of evil tendencies(forces) in each one of us for upholding righteousness. It is like removal of canecous part of the body to protect the rest of the body. Misunderstanding of this central message of the scriptures causes this kind of Jihadi’s acts. It is not the fault of the scriptures, but the fault of pseudo teachers of relegion who propagate hatred in the name of relegion. It is the responsibility of all people in all relegions who understand their relegious message correctly to correct those that misunderstand the central message.

  • Wanted to share a poem I wrote on this transforming event

    The Fight of Our Lives, More or Less

    Part 1: When less was less

    Ruthless, drugged fidayeen gunmen
    Senseless, the random massacre at CST
    Motherless, two year child- Moshe
    Comfortless, mother of a brave major
    Powerless, the siege of a proud nation
    Hopeless, the fabled city of dreams

    Fatherless, the citizens of India

    Shameless, complicity of our neighbour
    Spineless, the self-seeking politician
    Toothless, the civil security apparatus
    Lifeless, the streets that never sleep
    Dreamless, the empty nights of fear
    Meaningless, facade of ‘Mumbai Spirit’

    Pointless, to pretend full normalcy

    Part 2: When less is more

    Fearless, the army, the black cats
    Selfless, policemen who fought with lathis
    Relentless, demand for systemic change
    Countless, candles on Marine Drive
    Ageless, the concept of India
    Limitless, what a billion people can do

    Endless, the cries of Halla Bol

    Mother of all battles, more or less
    The fight to finish, more or less

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