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Watch ‘Best of the Blogs’ Awards LIVE

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The winners of this year's Best of the Blogs [1] awards (The BoBs) will be announced in Berlin tomorrow, November 27, 2008 (8pm CET). The event is open to the public. If you're not in Berlin, you can watch the whole thing online via this post. Or you can embed the viewer on your own blog and watch it from there.

Global Voices website, Rising Voices [2] has been nominated in the Best Blog [3] category. Vote for us! [4] Online voting ends today.

The awards are hosted by Deutsche Welle, and are considered among the most prestigious awards for bloggers. Over 8,500 blogs, videoblogs and podcasts were nominated in 16 categories for the BOBs this year, and 176 made the final cut.

Live stream

If you watch carefully, you might see someone from Global Voices waving.

Live blog

For information on how to embed these streams in your own blog, visit The BoBs [5].

Vote for us! [4]

Congratulations to all Rising Voices bloggers [6] on the nomination.