India: First photographs of Mumbai blasts on flickr

The first photographs from Mumbai on flickr are coming up. Vinu from Vinu's Online Cloud has uploaded a lot of photographs from the streets of Mumbai.

MumbaiHelp is back online and offering to make call for anyone who can't get through to their families and friends.

Leave a message if you're trying to get through to pals in the city.

Preferably leave a cellphone number for both yourself and your friends / family, and we'll try and SMS them.

Tip: Suggest you avoid calling. Lines are bound to be screwed. SMS direct instead.

Meanwhile, Gauravonomics writes on “Real Time Citizen Journalism in Mumbai Terrorist Attacks”

The Mumbai terrorist attack is now on the front page of Google News and Mahalo is doing a great job of compiling the story as it unfolds.

The first photos of the Mumbai terrorist attacks are up on CNN-IBN and NDTV and both (CNN-IBN and NDTV) are streaming live video feeds of the unfolding situation.

I’ll be updating this post with more citizen generated resources on the Mumbai terrorist attacks as they are put up.


  • Uzair Sheikh

    I just got home to see your (CNN) coverage on Mumbai. Besides the obvious horror of such an incident, I was also very disturbed to see how callously your channel has been linking it with Kashmir. For the benefit of your viewer and real journalism it would be pertinent for your channel to be honest. The state of jammu and kashmir is an international issue taken to the United Nations originally by none other than India itself. it seems like you are following the same line as always, “Muslims are terrorists” and any legitimate or otherwise demand of theirs is terrorism. Just because the majority of the Kashmiri’s happen to belong to the Muslim faith, they are easy targets and their legitimate rights can be maligned as terrorism.

  • john

    Seems to me that when people are shooting at civilians, throwing grenades, attacking hotels and hospitals, it doesn’t really matter what their grievances are. They have forfeited their right for peaceful change and when they attack innocent people, they are terrorists, pure and simple. We’ll find out who they are and the Indian government will pursue them until they get them, dead or alive.

  • willow

    I have been trying to find out for hours now whether they have closed the airport in mumbia? My dad is flying over to mumbia from heatherow via abu dhabi and im really worried about him. Could you please send me an email asap.

  • Imran

    Terrorism has not helped anyone EVER! And for everybody’s sake, one more time – TERRORISM DOES NOT HAVE A RELIGION!!! Like the recent developments of ‘HINDUTHVA TERRORISM’ does not mean anything. Just because some people are terrorists, the whole religion cannot be blamed for it. The people (or government) who/which motivate(s) such activities should be brought to the law and punished, be it the pakistan goverment’s (alleged) role in terrorism in Kashmir or Osama Bin Laden and his AlQaida, killing innocent people or be it American government’s arrogance of sending troupes and killing innocent people in Afganistan and Iraq for its personal agenda (read oil and revenge).

    But an interesting development in today’s attack was the assasination of ATS chief, who was also incharge of the Malegaon blast and consequently the ‘Hindutva Terrorism’ tag. Is this an act by some political parties with some personal agenda trying to distract attention from the investigation, by creating a terror attack and creating a new terror outfit ‘Deccan Mujahideen’!!! (Probably inspired from the latest movie , ‘Body of Lies’ and the CIA tactics). Let me reiterate the fact, ‘TERRORISM DOES NOT HAVE A RELIGION’. The reason I reckon a theory like this could be true is because CNN IBN reported the authorities having traced a call where the person on the phone said, “…we got the Asst. commissioner as a bonus!”. Well was this a concentrated drama to distract the world’s attention?? Some points to think…

  • Religion is Love. Treat a human with respect and love.Never forget what we do to others will return to our children. Me being a hindu let me tell you..I was totally disappointed at the Govt and Political people not taking any action against the terrorists in Orissa..they kept quiet because they were frightened of their own seats and positions. But today what is happening to our dear country. It is not religion that has to be blamed.. It the duty of the people in power and all of us … immaterial of what religion we belong to .. to stand as ONE and stop such terrorism. Today it is Orissa, Mangalore, Karnataka, Bombay.. and tomorrow it will be You and your state.. .SO WHY DONT WE JOIN AS ONE AND STOP THIS TERROSM. Only if we stand as an United Country and fight for Peace.. we will be able to live in peace in our own country. IF this continues.. IT IS BETTER THAT AN OUTSIDE COUNTRY RULE US… and give us some peace and freedom in our own country. Any person who does wrong should be PUNISHED IMMEDIATELY. So forget about blaming any religion. Religion is not to be blamed… it is an individual. I am a hindu.. but I now started to think.. DOES MY RELGION TEACH ME TO KILL, LOOTE, DESTROY, BURN…??? I am a peace-loving person, I will stand even if I have to against anyone to bring peace to the country to the world and our homes.

    So my humble request to all leaders of this country to stand as one and stop this terrorism. … no matter which state, which religion.. We should join hands as one big family.. only then there will be peace in our country.. in our families. Dear parents, teach children to love and respect every religion and every human being. Let us Love instead of killing.. so that our love will draw people to our religion.

  • Jackob

    It does seems right to me that its nothing but another conspiracy, its NO terrorist attack, if it is than what the hell LAW enforcement agencies were doing, wee they plaining with terrorist — I personnaly have strong feeling after review the current and past situations on war that its nothing but crap and no one but the big boss(government and politiicans) are getting benefits and perks for these situtaion — the commoners and public suffers bigtime… AND I REALLY UNDERSTAND THE GRIEF AND SORROW and hope that someday the policy makers will do something for people.

  • vipin

    can anybody tell one single public place in india which can not be targeted by terrorists including the places which was already targeted.this shows our awareness, WE DONT CARE and our POLICE excellent THEY DONT CARE

  • NeutralVoice

    Photos taken from close circuit cameras have been released..The attackers are weilding Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine guns..MP5 is a favoured weapon of choice for special forces across the world..How did the terrorists got hold of such a rare weapon??
    MP5 are uncommonly found in black market unlike AK 47’s..
    The Govt & security officials have requested the media to exercise restraint in their reports..The race for exclusive footages might give away the positions of the army & police planning to storm the hotels..
    Time to sow solidarity & stand up with a brave face against these insensitive cowards who have slaughtered innocent human beings..

  • fawad kazmi

    There is no justification of killing innocent people …in simple words the last nite act is terrorism,without any debate..The point in light is this that why these common people become terroristz? what force them to leave their families and loved ones? What transforms them to be such a brutal? what are the causes? unless and until we don’t address such issues that we wil be facing such incidents and blame game will continue for ever..

  • Rahman


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