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Russia, U.S.: Reactions to Medvedev's Address

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, North America, Russia, U.S.A., Elections, International Relations, Politics

Reactions to president Medvedev's address to Russia's Federal Council, delivered shortly after Obama's election as the new U.S. president: Irina Filatova writes [1] that Medvedev “talks tough, but in reality the moment may be past for an aggressive, Putin-style posture towards the US”; Eternal Remont wonders [2] if this is “the international crisis McCain predicted for Obama”; Mmd Russia Blog posts a Russian take [3] on the address and a “foreigner” one [4]; Robert Amsterdam notes [5] that “Medvedev congratulates then threatens Obama” and posts this comment [6] from an anonymous reader: “There are several reasons to believe that the Russian government is quietly giddy with the election of Barack Obama, believing (correctly or incorrectly) that he will be lightweight in negotiations, and someone that the puffed-up Judo-chopping prime minister will be able to easily manhandle […].”