Indonesia: Execution of Bali bombers

Indonesia is waiting for two events this month of November: the victory of Barack Obama (who lived in Jakarta for five years); and the execution of three Bali bombers – Imam Samudra, Amrozi Nurhasyim and Ali Ghufron.

The Bali bombing in 2002 killed 202 people – 88 Australians and 38 Indonesians. The bomb attack was supposedly a form of protest against the US-led invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The three bombers were sentenced to death five years ago. No date has been announced for the day of execution but it is expected to take place this week. The family of one of the bombers will file a complaint if the execution will push through.

The case has dragged on for so long because of legal issues. Spruiked: djak style explains:

“The Bali bombers have been a thorn in the side of the Indonesian Government for many reasons, not only the rather dramatic annihilation of 202 partying bules and the Indonesians serving them. Their lawyers have tested the patience of the Attorney-General. They have tried everything from accusations of corruption, to challenging the law under which the bombers were charged and convicted. When that didn’t work, they took the unprecedented step of challenging the means of execution – death by firing squad – as unconstitutional. They’re not finished yet: this week they threatened to take the Government to the International Court of Justice.”

In light of the imminent execution, police is on heightened alert today. SMS bomb threats are spreading. Wazeen's blog observes:

“On my way to the Blitz Megaplex at Grand Indonesia Plaza, I saw some police “bomb dociler”car at the the lobby of the plaza, and on my way home to Ciputat my taxi was stopped, and I was investigated by the police near Pondok Indah Mall, and the police sniffed some metal stuffs in my macbook's charger, they were very suspicious to all wires in my backpack, and they also took a look to my pack of rice that I brought.

“The taxi driver complained that during the day he got only a few guests, and in the mall and other shopping centers there were only a few people.”

The embassies of the United States and Australia both received serious threats. Australia has issued a travel warning advising residents about the security threats in Indonesia. It also raised a terror alert.

Authorities have a reason to fear. The bombers have written an open letter encouraging their supporters to retaliate after they are executed. Excerpts from the open letter:

“You, the little people, will be easy to ‘smack down’ by the mujahideen.”

“You will be defeated in this world and will be taken to hell.”

“Who doesn't know that the toothless giant, the US infidel and their allies, are now dying.

“You think, if you execute the three of us, you can walk freely, there's no way.”

“Remember: there's not one free Muslim blood drop!”

Hardship Posting also quotes from the letter:

“It says that if Allah destines them to die from the bullets of police then it will be a savage action.

“To all Islamic people, especially Mujahidin wherever they are, it is your obligation to claim war and kill the persons involved in the execution, like Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, (the President) Jusuf Kalla,(vice-president) Andi Mattalatta (Justice Minister), Hendarman Supandji (AG), AH Ritonga (special crimes prosecutor), all the Judges and prosecutors, Hindus, Kaffir and hypocrite Christians and all the execution team, American's slaves etc,” the letter says.

“They further call for all supporters of their execution to also be killed.

“And they say that for Mujahidin everywhere, including Osama bin Laden, to ‘get revenge, blood with blood, life with life.”

The bombers claim they are ready for the execution. See video below:

A Jihadi Cemetery is being proposed where all Jihadists who sacrificed their lives can be buried. Some Indonesians are even donating their land for this burial ground. The RAB Experience comments:

“It is almost comical in a sense the competition that is being generated with regards to signing up the families of the soon to be dead killers to a burial spot.”

Treespotter criticizes the exaggerated media coverage of the issue:

“The over-coverage and over-scrutiny in the media circus turned these three convicted bombers to instant bumper stickers for an entire new generation of poor Javanese children.

“A few hundred thousand kids in Java would be named after the three convicted murderers. They are now stuff of legends. Bookies are now placing national odds. They will appear before the names of people they killed on Google search.

“The television coverage disgusted me. The whole thing just disturbs me. I don’t think they deserve it.”

The bombers want a “painless death.” My Busy Brain reacts:

“Whatta..f&$K?! They should’ve been stoned to death like in the Arab country, if they are ‘real moslems’.

“So, bombing Kuta didn’t cause any pain for the 202 people? Didn’t cause pain for the families? Didn’t cause pain for the Balinese because of the low tourism? Didn’t cause pain for the whole Indonesians? I have seen people, good people, die of cancer in agony. So why would they deserve a humane execution?

“An eye for an eye. Pick your bullet yourself. That’s the most that I would have told them. Which, makes me think of what kind of really good death penalty that will not waste the flesh of a human being are good for the convicts.”

terlambat 6 bulan on the lesson to be learned from the issue:

“If I can wish something from this execution is that let’s just make it as a lesson, enough stubbornest about the idea that terrorism is a way to make a better world, at least three persons prove it wrong. I hope that there will be no other person being executed for this foolish idea but more importantly that there will not be any other victim of terrorism.”

Maruscha does not support a death sentence for the bombers:

“I know they have done such a bad thing, they ruined Indonesia's dignity in front of other countries. What is sad though, none of them regretted doing such thing. They were proud and felt like celebrities because all the attentions were on them. One of them even titled as “The Smiling Bomber.” Sad.

“But my question is, do they deserve to die? I believe none in this world deserve to die, all of us have a right to live, even though we did such a bad thing, we still deserve a chance.

“A lot of people are opposing the execution, even some groups in Australia whose citizens are the most killed are now opposing the execution.

“I think it is already happened and executing them will not bring anything back. How much I hate their sins, I don't think they deserve to die. Sooner or later they will be executed anyway.

“I am just wondering what they are thinking at the moment, do they finally regret doing that or do they still think that they have done a good deed and now ready to be taken to ‘heaven'?”


  • What I find particularly sad about this whole event is the fact that we haven’t learned anything. The execution of the Bali bombers will achieve nothing, except maybe the satisfaction of a few people who feel that the only way that justice can be served is by taking their lives.

    There’s no dialogue, there’s no attempt to understand what’s going on, which means this will probably happen again, and again…

    This is where the Indonesian Government could play a very important role, as a moderate Muslim voice, which understands both sides of the story.

  • Bali bombers,

    Why should these gutless peices of shit want execution by bullet how about the sword or buried to the neck and stoning a much better idear would be to release them in Sydney Australia say Kings Cross.

    Let them free to roam Australia Im sure the Aussy people will sort the problem of pain real quick just like they did when the tidle wave hit there country Australia gave help without waiting to be asked Good One Australia

  • Januar

    My opinion it’s a good step for Indonesia to do this. Well it may be perfect at this moment but at least there is something they are trying to do rather than too much analyze but never really execute any action.

    I think Indonesia Government smartly try to implement what has been done by Singapore Government, whereby for very high criminal issue there must be punishment to follow. The punishment itself must be quite strong or otherwise people will simply just do it over and over again because there is no law to govern.
    For country who would like to execute this kind of execution they can use another successfull system of another country just like what Indonesia try to implement like Singapore.
    And we ourself can see how safety it is in Singapore right now compare with any other country in the world.


  • Barron Clarke

    Whilst any civilised person abhors the actions of those that killed so many people in Bali no civilise person could possibly support the death penalty.

    Many people have quoted to me that lethal injection is a humane way of execution. The hole in this argument for me is that once a group of people decide execution is the answer that in itself is in inhumane ergo anything that follows cannot be considered humane.

    The death penalty is uncivilised. It has evolved from human sacrifice and is carried out for the same reason that is for the “good” of a society. Think about it.
    Others, notably Judaic Christian people misquote the old testament e.g. an eye for an eye, etc. this in fact a complete misunderstanding where this set limits rather than being a guide to be taken further. This interpretation is only now being recognised by old testament scholars. Why else would their god have given them an ultimate set of ten laws one of which is “you shall not kill”. There is no exceptions to this it is a statement easily understood by the least scholarly person.
    The whole point is if we are to be civilised we can’t pick and choose. If others want to act in an uncivilised way that is no excuse for us to support a degradation into uncivilised actions.

  • other than the appeasement of the avenging appetite for more blood to be spilled satisfying the carnal primal anger of ones conditioned cultural illusion and endorsing their old testament ideology, it is a matter of who is the terrorist ? in this moment of time the prevailing superior culture such as Australia compared to Indonesia defines as Rudd states that to kill these 3 human beings is good for this World, my opinion is that it is not good for the World, it is not that long ago in the history of time that the White terrorists from Britain killed and desecrated this populated land of an old established culture, the hypocrisy of this bewildered land that is still unable to mature its spirituality is obvious to those who have eyes to see, and what I know of this culture it is embarrassing for this God forsaken land to moralize to other parts of the World, as we have overwhelming problems that we are to stupid and to conceited to answer, but more to the point failure to even realize, our materialistic striving and ambitions blind us to the fact that we are unable to be anything other than the locusts, even they have a season we have no limits to our stupidity, we are lost in the next gizmo or Tats lotto draw, our follies are to numerous to summarize here, yours don wreford.

  • Barron Clarke

    Simply execution does not stop the offences or logically the offences would stop and there would be no more executions. Its a reverse catch 22.

    By the way I am Australian but more important I’m a human being.
    I not saying treat these prisoners be treated with kid gloves but as I said “You shall not kill” is a complete commandment supposedly from God. Not you will not kill nice people, not you will only kill certain people and not kill the killers. Its simple “You shall not kill.”
    I feel for the families of the victims but my mother died when I was eighteen so I know what it is like to loose someone who should have lots more life.
    As for this phrase “closure” its just a buzz word. The families will not get closure from the death of three religious fanatics. More people die when other use religion as an excuse than have died all the no religious wars.

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  • I think that this execution, as I have written here, The high cost of three bullets: how to create martyrst it is counterproductive. It will help to recruit more people than before and increase the danger of more attacks in the region.

  • Jude

    Yes well we can all say what we feel I lost my dad to these people and it cant come quick enough, except they arent going to suffer as much as my dad or my family are and we are still suffering

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