Japan: Response to Obama “Put down the Wii Remote” Ad

Comments from Japanese net users respond [ja] to an ad by U.S. presidential nominee Obama in which viewers are told to “put down the remote and go vote“. “Why Wii?” one asks. Another writes: “Anti-Japan policies before even becoming president?” And one person wonders: “Does Obama despise Japan?”


  • dobokun

    calm down citizens of the internet things will be alright. he wants people to vote on that day.

  • alan smithee

    Obama references Wii as a generic term for video game. Wii is probably the most popular gaming system in the US, or at least the most widely know. By saying Wii, Obama is saying put down your video games and go vote.

    It’s the same as if you say iPod, when talking about ALL mp3 players.

  • Yes, as did Bill Clinton. In my two visits to Japan this year I found that most Japanese think the Obama and Democrats are best for America. Wrong. Obama and the Dems will Cow Cow to China and North Korea just as Clinton did.
    I also learned that most Japanese think CNN is the most watched network in America. That is not true. Fox has many more viewers than CNN…but they get all the press.

  • Jay Claus

    i think you Republicans will use anything as an excuse to defend yourselves. 1st off let me say i am neither a Dem or Rep. that being said you cant honestly tell me youre worried about “cow cowing” to China & North korea. is it because of Clinton/Dems gas prices are so high? is it because of Clinton/Dems that unemployment rises every day? if you answered yes to either question youre already a lost cause. Osama single handedly brought this country to its knees by betting you gun ho redneck republicans would respond in a way that would make the US look foolish as well as overagressive. lying to get things done is not the “american way”. dont get me wrong i do agree something had to be done but putting that retard Bush Jr in charge of the response effort has been our countries undoing. any sane american/human would take Clinton back over another day with Bush.

  • Colin

    As an American living in Japan, I sincerely doubt that Obama will make anti-Japanese legislation. I do not know what the next four years hold, what I do know, is that things will be interesting. The world is at a crossroads, things will change maybe for the better, maybe for worse. All we can do is roll with it, and remember Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds”.

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