Egypt: Swingers Use Internet to Arrange Rendezvous

There are secrets behind closed doors. But to say that Egypt was shell shocked as news about its first swingers club emerged would be an understatement. And there is a small technicality – the couples first met online before arranging to meet face to face in cafes.

According to Al Arabiya news site a senior civil servant and his wife were arrested for organising orgies and swinging parties as well as hosting wife swaps.

The couple advertised for their activities online, with invites to married couples only. Forty-four couples responded to the Internet ad over a three month period.

Zeinobia, from Egyptian Chronicles, goes ballistic. She notes:

The big disgraceful news made the headlines in all crime pages and sometimes front pages ,it is first time in the history of Egypt to have something like this.
The police arrested the married couple who operated that club and currently search for other 44 married couples who were members in that club.
The man is 48 years governmental official and his wife is 38 years old veiled Arabic school teacher !! Yes the wife is veiled Arabic school teacher , it was a shock to me because I understand or I know that a woman like her should have better knowledge of her religion and her culture , she is raising generations for God Sake !!

In another post, Zeinobia notes that the couples may have met on Facebook:

By the way it seems that this swingers club was a group on the facebook , yes the facebook ,already believe it or not I made a quick search and I found three swingers Arab groups , one a very private group in Egypt ,another one in KSA and the last one in Emirates. The bad use of technology ,what I can say !!??

To understand Zeinobia's dismay one only has to reflect on how online activists use the Internet and Facebook to tell the world about their troubles.

Al Masry Al Youm, an Egyptian paper, ran the story online. So far more than 250 people have commented on the article and here's a cross section of reactions.

Tarek Salaheldin comments:

اذا لم تستحى فافعل ما شئت وهؤلاء لا حياء ولا دين
If you have no shame, you can do whatever you want and those people have no shame and no religion.

Mohammed Ayoub says:

ما هذا الانفلات الاخلاقى الذى يحدث فى المجتمع وكأننا نعيش فى اوروبا وامريكا وليس فى مجتمع اسلامى – اعتقد ان سبب هذا الفجور هو قنوات الدش ومواقع النت الاباحية التى يجب ان يتم عمل بروكسى عليها مثل بعض الدول الاسلامية وربنا يحفظنا جميعا ومن الافضل عدم الافصاح عن مثل هذه المواضيع حتى لا تصبح اشياء عادية
What is this moral degradation in our society as id we are living in Europe or America and not a Muslim society – I believe that the reason for this are the satellite channels and the adult sites on the Internet which should have a proxy installed on them just like in other Islamic countries. May God protect us all. It is better not to cover such topics so that they don't become regular.

And Wael adds:

ولا هى النهاية ولا البداية هى طبائع فى النفس الأنسانية وطبعا بعد اللغاء دور الدين فى المجتمع فلا يوجد أى رادع للنفس الأنسانية وطبعا سمعت عن حوادث سرقة وقتل بدون اى اعتبار لنفس كما لوكنا نعيش فى غابة بل نحن كذلك
This is not the first nor the last. This is part of human nature and of course, after the role of religion has become void, there is nothing to deter people. We also hear about thefts and murders without any consideration for human life – as if we live in the jungle, which we really do.

Adel Al Wardani agrees that such news should not be published:

لماذا لا يحجب نشر مثل تلك البشاعات حتى لا تنتشر ويستسهلها من لا دين لهم ولا أخلاق وإن كان لا بد فيمكن نشر الخبر علي أنها شبكة دعارة دون تفصيلات كثيرة . ده رأيي .
Such horrors should not be published so that they don't become widespread and easy to copy for those with no religion or morality. If the news has to be published, it should be announced that a prostution ring has been caught, without a lot of details. This is my opinion.

What do you think? Should such stories be publicised or just whispered about behind closed doors?


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