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BOBs: Global Videobloggers Compete for Award Part 1

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The BOBs [1], Deutsche Welle's yearly contest for online products: blogs, podcasts and videoblogs has already chosen 176 nominees for the 16 different categories. In the video blogging category, participants from different parts of the world compete for the honor to be considered the best in their group, and voters will have until November 26th to choose their favorites [2]. Following, a few of the nominees, in no particular order. Please check back to read the 2nd part of this installment.

For the last four years, Colombian video blogger Alejandro Ángel has been living in Spain, recording his experiences since February 2007 on his videoblog Armadillo TV [3]. Following, a 4000 image recap [4]of his last 4 years:Bebin TV [5] is an Internet TV channel and web show made by Iranians living in California. On the 56 episodes of Bebin Office, they have produced their own Persian version of the popular US and British TV series the Office. They also have some clips on travel, shopping and news.

Hip Hop artist DJ Jay Smooth raps on politics, economy and current events in his video blog Ill Doctrine [6]. On the following video [7], he shows a collaboration between hip hop artists from different countries, rapping together in 3 different languages:Voices of Africa [8] video citizen journalism project is also nominated. The project provides journalists in 33 different countries in the African continent mobile phones or small digital video recorders so they can follow news and upload the content via mobile and internet networks to the AfricaNews site.

Mostafa al Baqali [9] from Morocco portrays life in his city, focusing on stories about people's lives there. The last installment shows us a bit of the challenges life presents for a Abdul Latif, a blind Moroccan:

The New Lumiere [10] is a transpotting trend follower: it is a Russian video blog that records train arrivals in different Russian cities.

Please check back this week as we visit the rest of the international nominees for these awards.