China: “Criminal” with Human Rights Award

Last week (Oct 23) it was announced that the European Parliaments’ Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought has been awarded to Chinese political activist Hu Jia. On the other hand, China government expressed its anger and disappointment at the European Union decision, insisting Hu was a criminal, and described the EU move as “gross interference in China's domestic affairs”.

In the Chinese internet, because of political censorship, there isn't much open discussion, but Wang haoxuan's attack on Hu Jia caught some attention:

他三十多岁了,没有工作,没有正当经济来源。还要问年迈的父母要钱。是个不折不扣的啃老族。荒唐的是,胡佳连自己都养不活,却以“环保”和“ 帮助艾滋病人”为幌子义无反顾地投身火热的“民运”事业。至于活动资金,就要靠国外那些个“民主基金会”支援了。胡佳老婆还和达赖见面,支持藏独,反对北京奥运。可见胡佳被抓一点也不冤,是罪有应得。胡佳已经肝硬化了,估计活不了多久。也许马上就要和当年的魏某一样,以保外就医的名义做为政治筹码被塞进去美国的飞机。至于他到美国以后,当然要知恩图报,为分裂中国而奋斗终身了。

He is more than thirty and unemployed. He doesn't have any proper income and need support from parent. The most ridiculous thing is, he couldn't support himself but claim to be a devoted activist on “environmental protection” and “AIDS”. And his activities were supported by foreign “democratic foundations”. His wife met with Dalai Lama, supported Tibet independent and against Beijing Olympics. We can see that Hu Jia is not innocent at all in his crime. Now he suffers from liver diseases, probably will be trafficked out of the country to the U.S. Once he arrives there, he had to pay back by devoting to the separation of China.


Hu Jia, you have become a separatist used by western countries. China will not welcome you. Go away!

Duimanpark, a Hong Kong blogger, laughs at such kind of name calling attack with a sarcastic tone:


There are many different types of criminal in this world. For example those who produced the melamine milk powder, they are also criminals. For Hu, he just concerns about environmental problem and expresses his opinions, he then becomes a criminal. The difference is, in China, for the former type of criminals, they stay out of jail, while for Hu and his kinds, they have to stay in jail or under house arrest.


My personal opinion is, the greatest sin that Hu has is being silly. Last year, he spoke to APF that “Chinese history is all about authoritarianism, for the first time in the 5000 years history, I now believe that we have an opportunity for the country to bring democracy. Therefore I feel lucky to live at this historical era, and I devote myself to the era.” He is silly enough to believe that China will have democracy, such belief is unforgivable. In the Chinese world, if you are not selfish, greedy and opportunistic, you have an original sin. All those human rights activists who are not fighting for money, they become a bunch of original criminals!

Devilfighter praises the European Parliament for this courageous move:

實 在 要 為 歐 洲 議 會 的 堅 持 與 勇 氣 鼓 掌 。

正 當 世 界 大 部 份 國 家 越 來 越 被 中 國 的 經 濟 實 力 嚇 倒 , 越 來 越 被 中 國 的 迅 速 崛 起 迷 惑, 越 來 越 不 敢 開 罪 中 國 政 府 時 , 歐 洲 議 會 仍 敢 於 堅 持 原 則 , 仍 敢 於 開 罪 中 國 , 毅 然決 定 把 沙 哈 洛 夫 人 權 獎 這 個 國 際 性 的 人 權 獎 項 頒 予 仍 囚 於 中 國 冤 獄 的 維 權 人 士 胡 佳先 生 。 像 這 樣 的 表 現 怎 不 讓 人 讚 賞 呢 ?

We need to clap for the European Parliament for its insistence for Human right value and courage.

The whole world has been amazed by China's economic power and growth and refrained from intimidating the Chinese government, the European Parliament managed to insist in their principle and give the human right award to human right activist Hu Jia, who is still in jail in China. How can we not appreciated this?

除 了 讚 許 與 肯 定 外 , 胡 佳 及 他的 家 人 更 需 要 各 方 面 特 別 是 國 際 社 會 的 支 持 。 誰 都 知 道 , 中 國 的 異 見 分 子 及 他 們 的家 人 受 盡 政 府 不 同 部 門 的 打 壓 騷 擾 , 連 正 常 過 生 活 的 權 利 也 被 剝 奪 , 連 出 外 交 流 探訪 的 機 會 都 被 剝 奪 。 把 人 權 獎 頒 給 胡 佳 , 至 少 可 以 讓 他 及 家 人 感 到 有 人 支 持 與 協 助, 至 少 讓 他 們 不 會 感 到 孤 軍 作 戰 。

Apart from praising and recognition, Hu Jia and his family still need support from international world. It is well known that Chinese dissidents and their families are suffered from political suppression and harassment. They are deprived of the right to live as normal people and cannot travel outside the country. Presenting the award to Hu Jia can let his family feeling that people still support them and they are not fighting alone.

China Human Rights Lawyers concern group urges the international society not to forget about other human rights activists who are still in jail:


When the spotlight is now on Hu Jia, we shouldn't forget other human rights activists who are still in jail, such as: human rights lawyer Gao zhisheng, who has been vanished in Beijing; Guangzhou human rights lawyer Guo Feixiong, who is still in jail and deprived of the rights to see his family and lawyer; the blind civic rights activist Chen Guangcheng who is also in jail for giving legal assistance to villagers in Shandong; and Xu Zhiyong, who was beaten on 14 of October when he visited the Black jail in Beijing…

There is still a long way to go.


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