Nigeria: Web 2.0 Aggregator for Nigeria?

Loy asks, “Isn't it time for a Wb 2.0 aggregator for Nigeria”: I think I won’t be wrong to say that the only web 2.0 technology that Nigeria has ever brought to the web space to date is Sturvs, Nigeria’s version of Digg. Thanks to sturvs, we now have a voice on the web and can share our stuffs, music & video contents all around the web.


  • Kayode Ibrahim

    Personal blogs are so bias and definately just a way of promoting their sites, that blog is managed by a friend of temi who has runs the pligg site and claiming a web2.0 technology, that blog is of fake information and not reliable for reference, the most reliable source of best web apps in Nigeria is alexa and currently is the best startup in the country, followed by and then these are all latest web2.0 websites that are popular in the country (according to reliable source, alexa). I hope Nigerians stop lying and start facing realities, loy is a bad example of whom a truthful Nigerian blogger should be.

  • Nigeria is one on the countries listed on Beetnic Social Media ( Beetnic is “a place for POLYGLOTS and MULTIROOTS global minded people to Mingle, Explore and Exchange cultural identities.” In a few months from now Beetnic will be launching Beetnic Nigeria, under its new Beetnic Country Module set for release soon. It will be a place for Nigerians around the world to voice out, mingle, share, create and promote Nigeria on a multicultural platform. Beetnic will be offering telcos, media companies, and other big brands an opportunity to localize Beetnic Country for Nigeria. I think this will be a good way for Nigeria to have a unique presence on a global platform.
    Letche and Beezbox are looking forward to expanding Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 technologies into the Nigerian market in late 2008/2009. As with the rest of the world Letche aims to see Nigeria grow along with Web 2.0 becoming the focus of cyberspace and business.

  • Loy

    @Kayode – Have we met before? Cos, I can’t recall. If you have personal issues, why not direct them to me. That way, I can give you the response you deserve.

  • Kayode Ibrahim

    Hi loy, sorry for mis-interpreting my comments, i was trying to express what the truth is, i think your write ups are rather too narrow and does not reflect a truthful state of Nigeria.
    I would say, take your good time in making quality research before penning rubbish on your blog, that way maybe people would have better understanding of what your subjects.
    Not a link farm promotion avenue.

    About your question – yes we’ve met before, where we met is up to you to remember.


  • Loy

    Kayode, gimme a break! Why are you nagging like my 6-year old nephew trying to get some attention? Huh?

    Can’t you see you’re 1 out of 6 billion people who doesn’t get what Web 2.0 and Blogging actually means?

    I think you’ve gotten enough of my attention.

  • Ibro

    If we are talking about Web 2.0, there are some great sites coming up in Nigera. A Nigerian Media company by the name of Afro Interactive ( just released one I beleive is the best site out of Nigeria so far –

    They also seem to be working on another site that looks equally as good called Ariaria –, though that one doesn’t look like it is ready. Check them out.

  • @Kayode let me give you a quick disclaimer. Loy is not my friend and we have never met or spoken verbally before. We are only industry colleagues. Maybe one day we will meet and have a few beers but his opinion has no friendship bias. His opinion is on the Nigerian web 2.0 scene, and not on the amount of traffic in that post.

    The fact that u think Naijahotjobs and Nairaland are web 2.0 is a sign of how knowledgeable you are about it. Pligg is very web 2.0 and I’ve built on the technology and added a lot of my own features.

    Alexa shows you top sites based on traffic. Craigslist is an example of a very popular site with high traffic but in no way web 2.0.

    So stop your meaningless hating and go and either go do something web 2.0 of your own, or keep quiet and let us who are trying to keep trying.

  • And for your information kayode, Loy has covered the top alexa sites in Nigeria in a previous post on his blog where he mentioned naijahotjobs and nairaland. Sturvs was not mentioned at all in that post cos im not anywhere near the top 100. I bet u dont have a problem with that do u?

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