Cuba, U.S.A.: Havana & Obama

Havana-based blogger Circles Robinson comments on the US presidential campaign: “Most Cubans made up their minds on who they favor shortly after the Democratic Party primary ended. Not that people are enamored with either of the two major parties, but they at least see a ray of hope for improved relations under Obama. This means a lot for many families divided by the Florida Straits and politics.”


  • There is more from Circles Robinson at a new website called Havana Times. You can reach it at

  • “Havana-based blogger Circles Robinson” should be “Cuban government employed blogger Circles Robinson”.

    Ihosvanny – “at a new website”? You mean your new website. From the About Us page “Our webmaster is Ihosvanny Cordoves”.

    Ihosvanny is also an employee of the Cuban government.

    See Ihosvanny’s name at the bottom of this page

    and I have plenty of examples of Circle’s work in Cuban media as well.

    They are NOT independent bloggers and now I see that they are working the blogs to market the site. Right behind you Ihosvanny. is Cuban government propaganda.

  • Rob Sequin appears to have a chip on his shoulder about Cuba. To him everyone living in the country that isn’t unemployed is a government agent, I imagine he’d even include the retired because they have a government pension. Sitting in the US he thinks he is the leading expert on the island. He sees the boogyman behind every corner. That’s his choice. People have multiple activities in Cuba like everywhere else and yes some write for blogs and websites. Is that bad?

  • No. It is not bad if you are honest about your work.

    Are you or are you not supported by the Cuban government?

    Is there an editor who is not listed on your site?

    You are evading these questions because the fact is that the Havana Times IS supported by the Cuban government which controls all media in the country.

    How can you deny this when publishes your press release?

    You can attack me. That does not bother me because the truth is on my side.

    Prove me wrong.

  • Rob, you win! You, as the global authority on Cuba know much more than me. Thanks for telling me how it is. I wouldn’t have been enlightened if it wasn’t for your tremendous insight into how things are here. Keep up you Cuba bashing, it may even be profitable for you. The readers of will have their chance to see the light as you, or draw their own conclusions.

  • Now I know why they call you Circles :-) You keep circling around the issues just like your Cuban bosses have for decades.

    I’m just asking you to be honest with me and your readers but instead of proving me wrong you choose to be childish.

    Readers of cannot draw their own conclusions because you are misleading them by lying by omission. That is the simple fact that a communist “journalist” cannot and/or refuses to see.

    Why won’t you tell your readers that you and others at the site work for the Cuban government? You have not denied it so it is true? You work for the Cuban state controlled media?

    Readers of the comments above can make up their own mind too.

    Propaganda is the worst type of lie and I am claiming that is pure propaganda.

    Instead of replying with petty comments, prove me wrong.

  • Rob, This is the last time I will respond to you here not wanting to take up any more of the Global Voice space.

    Firstly, I have nothing to prove to you. You answer your own questions, and that’s your right. You believe everything to do with the Cuban government is bad and as an extension, it’s bad to publish one’s opinions in the Cuban press because they are not privately owned. I have absolutely no desire to try and change your closed view.

    Secondly, I work in Cuba and am proud to do so. I also happen to like expressing my opinions and providing such a space for others. I do so in my free time and really enjoy it.

    I have nothing more to say to you, frankly I’ve got too much correspondence to spend so much time on this dead end. Sincerely, Circles

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