Paraguay: Peace Corps Bloggers Share Experiences in a New Land

Paraguay’s blogosphere is growing, and everyday more locals and expats are beginning their blogs about their perceptions of their surrounding world. People are more willing to describe their own experiences and let the world know their opinions about certain new situations they are living. The Peace Corps volunteers that are working in Paraguay are part of these group of people and they certainly have an interesting point of view that are expressed in their blogs.

Karen in her blog Karen in Paraguay talks about the excitement of riding on a Paraguayan bus:

A ride on a Paraguayan is so exciting that I’m shocked that I haven’t mentioned it here yet. First off, they are all private companies originating in whatever the bus’s destination town is. For example, Guarambaré has its own bus. Each bus is painted different colors, and a lot of them have Jesus stickers on the windshield and back window.

Mark in Paraguay says that he has already been in the country for 4 months, and that when he first arrived he had many expectations of Paraguay:

When my group and I first arrived to Paraguay all of us were really excited to be here and see what Paraguay was all about. Added to this excitement was the task that each of us had, that is the task of getting to know the other Americans with whom we would spend the next 2 years with. Although I say task, this turned out to be much easier and much more pleasurable then initially anticipated.

Paulita in her blog Real World: Paraguay mentions about her daily experiences in Paraguay and cultural differences between her life back home:

Here it’s normal to start eating before everyone sits down, to eat directly from the salad plate in the middle of the table, to wipe your mouth with the tablecloth. In the way we consider those things rude from our view, Paraguayans could see us as rude from their view. Here it’s rude to just flat out say no to an invitation. It’s rude to not greet everyone you see in the street. It’s rude to not share your glass.

As a Crop Extension Peace Corp Volunteer, Erin and her blog Getaway to Paraguay talks about her overall experience and her favorite part of this new experience:

Now for the food! For the most part I couldn´t be happier. It´s a lot of veggies, sandia (watermelon), mangoes, and of course… mandioca! The only thing is there is also a lot of oil and frying, which I hope maybe I can employ some different baking methods, etc. to help improve nutrition a bit. I also hope to introduce new recipes (which if anyone has good recipes you think would work well here- ie. cooking over a fire- please send them my way!). There is also a lot of meat, when people can afford it, and it´s a bit difficult to explain that I´d prefer the vegetables. Although the other day I did try blood sausage, and I still prefer the veg, but at least I tried it right!?

These are just some examples of experiences that some of the Peace Corps Volunteers are having in Paraguay, here are other current active blogs: The PY Chronicles: My Two Years in Peace Corps, Laara’s Paraguay Adventure, ¡Jahakatu a Paraguay! , Peace Corps ‘08 – ‘10 , and Becoming American.

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  • Misch

    I was a volunteer around the time of the big coup and I hear that things have changed drastically as far as development. I am told that volunteers now have access to running water, electricity, cell and laptops. I think it is great for paraguayans that they have launched themselves into technology.

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