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International Eye on the US Elections

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As the US Elections loom closer, international attention to US foreign policy and the candidates has increased. Projects like Current TV's Collective Journalism [1] and Global Voices’ Voices Without Votes [2]have taken the task to gather this information and bring a global perspective on a local issue.

Current TV's Collective Journalism [3] program has started a series of video reports on how the rest of the world views the US. In The View from Over There [4], people from many different countries state their views on foreign policy, the war in Iraq, the situation with Iran and mention who they would want as the future president of the USA. The video interviews are sometimes in different languages, but all of it is subtitled in English.

This video also uses footage from other shows on the US Elections 2008 [5], but this time concentrating on the foreign perspective. This is something Global Voices and Reuters have been doing for a while now at Voices Without Votes [2]: gathering opinions from all over the planet on the US elections. If you have any posts you would like to submit to the site, you can do it here. [6]

Current TV's next Collective Journalism assignment will be a worldwide view on the US immigration policies.