7 October 2008

Stories from 7 October 2008

Lebanon: Falafel War Goes to Court

Arabs and Globalisation reports: ‘Just like the Greeks did, when they sued French dairy farms (and won) for using the word “Feta” to describe the cheese they sold, Lebanon is gearing up its own litigation forces to sue Israeli companies over marketing Hummus, Falafel, and Babaghanouj as “Israeli products.”‘

Bahrain: Published Papers

Bahraini Mohammed Al-Ubaydli announces: “A proud day for me: not only is my brother’s new paper published, but it is also the first time that we have published in the same journal. (My own paper was from 2005.)”

Pakistan: Negotiation with the Talibans

  7 October 2008

Pro Pakistan opines: “NATO and Americans have always objected on Pakistan for negotiating with the Talibans but the irony of the matter is that today they are themselves calling for negotiations with the Talibans including Mullah Omer.”

Nepal: Populist measures

  7 October 2008

ABC -Voices Sans Borders critiques the Nepali government's measures like resisting Miss Nepal Pageant competition and clamping down on sex and liquor in night bars as populist.

India: Attacks on Christians a challenge to the secular state

  7 October 2008

In the last two months, radical Hindu nationalist mobs have rioted and attacked Christians in a number of Indian states, claiming that lower-caste Hindus and tribal peoples are being forcibly converted to Christianity. More than 30 people have been killed, and thousands have taken shelter in government camps or in...

Thailand: Protesters clash with police

  7 October 2008

Bangkok protesters clashed with police in front of the Parliament building. Twitter user jeremyfanclub gives an update: “Bangkok is going political unrest PAD and police is fighting now at front of parliament from morning til now.”