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Arabeyes: Snapshots of Eid

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It's Eid today, or tomorrow. Eid Al Fitr [1] is a celebration which marks the end of the Muslim month of Ramadhan, and here are a few reactions on the occasion from around the Arab world.

Jordanian blogger Qwaider [2] isn't impressed with the split, calling the start of Eid on two different days as ridiculous:

While almost half the Arab world celebrates Eid on Tuesday, the rest is going to have it on Wednesday! AGAIN!

(Of course this is beyond ridiculous)

It's EID in Qatar, Saudi, UAE, Jordan, Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine and believe it or not, Libya (who claim it's based on Astronomical calculations) [The list [3] is growing [4] (Arabic)]

While the Fiqh Council (FCNA) of Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) have presumptively declared Wednesday [5] as the first day of Eid

Which means, the mosques, cities, states and neighborhoods are going to be divided… Yet again!

Qwaider even draws up a chart showing when Eid is being celebrated where.

Meanwhile, here's a snap shot of celebrations where Eid fell today:

Moroccan High Atlas Mountains News [6] describes the occasion as follows:

For life in the Moroccan High Atlas villages, it will be a day of spending time with your family, before embarking on the start of the walnut harvest. Last year was a good year for walnuts [7] and early indications are that this year will be good as well.

Lower down the olives are being harvested and brought to the olive press.

Sanabis (Bahrain) Daily Photo [8] posts a picture of the mosque where he performed the Eid prayers at 6am.

And from Kuwait, Zuech.ing [9] urges Kuwaiti abroad to make the most out of the event:

Wish all of you guys have a blast and really good time, Specially those abroad don’t waste a second cuz you are coming back to hell !! And for those who are staying in town “try” to enjoy it as I’m trying :P

Writing in Mideast Youth [10], Iranian Elinor hopes for peace in the region on this occasion. She draws our attention to Rosh Hashanah [11], the Jewish New Year, which is also celebrated today:

It seems like happy events in Muslim and Jewish calendars are considering a joint statement: “Make Peace and serve your creator”. Well that is how it comes to my mind. Muslims in ME and all over the world have had one month of fasting and praying, being G-d’s guest while breakfasting, this is how they feel by the sunset. Now it is time for them to celebrate the end of Ramadan and the Jewish people in ME and around the world, they are all around the tables celebrating their New Hebrew year: 5769, praising their Lord and keeping the tradition as families and friends come together to start a new year. As a Middle Eastern I would like to wish the followers of both religions a spiritual and happy time. May peace overflow and embrace the entire region soon.