Sudan: Returning to Sudan, US Politics and New Media

In this round up of the Sudanese blogosphere, we delve into Sudanese commentaries on Sudan, US politics, and new media. It's good to see that Path2Hope finally overcame her writer's block. Apparently she needed a space to vent her anger after she returned to Sudan:

It really is amazing how a little bit of anger can do wonders for any writer's block. So I've been home less than a week and already something has happened that made my blood pressure hit the roof. I'm at the medical center to have some tests run and the lab person goes to get a syringe, which was humongous in size – so much so, that I thought I had gone to the vets by mistake but that's not the point.

Anyways, he tells this other woman to re-write my number on one of my samples (mistake number one)…and she looks a bit confused looks at the record book and jots down some number that isn't mine (mistake number two). What really annoyed me is that I was right infront of her, she could have just asked my name instead of going on some guessing spree…a lab is no place to practice one's clairvoyant skills!

… Why is it that we find it so hard to be professional in this country??

Meanwhile, John Akec has another complaint about Southern Sudan:

… In fact, we have been told by a respectful host of philosophers and educationalists that little knowledge is dangerous.

… By the way we conduct our affairs in South Sudan, we clearly display how much we need to seek and find wisdom: be we the ruled or the rulers. Without the exercise of wisdom by all concerned (stakeholders), it is impossible for me to imagine how we are going to survive as autonomous region in united Sudan or an independent sovereign state should we secede in 2011.

The complaints continued. However, this time Drima directed his towards John McCain after watching Palin's foreign policy interview with CBS (Drima is the author of this roundup):

Uh, um, chili is not cold, and I went to the supermarket because light travels from the sun when I yawn and then he disagreed since 1987 beyond Tom Cruise until monkey banana.

Gosh, this is so bad, it’s not even funny.

… Seriously McCain, given your not-so-young age, the least you could have done is pick a more articulate and qualified candidate for vice presidency, you know, just in case God forbid the situation arises.

Speaking of US politics, Kizzie had this question to ask:

9/11, Hurricane Katrina and now Hurricane Ike. Did Bush curse America?

As for Black Kush, he had this to say about America:

When America sneezes . . .

. . . the rest of the world catches a cold.

The current global financial crisis which strated in America will surely bite everyone. The high oil prices have made travel really expensive in Sudan. Paradoxically, it is cheaper to fly to Egypt and back than to Juba from Khartoum one way . . . Add that to the hike in food prices.

The cold is spreading.

Finally, Amjad commented on the attempted banning of YouTube in Kuwait:

A couple of months ago YouTube was officially blocked in Sudan. Today we hear that YouTube is officially blocked in Kuwait. Who's next?

While as of this moment the reason of blocking YouTube in Sudan is unknown, Kuwait has officially declared why it decided to block YouTube in Kuwait, even though the reason might not be valid to everyone. The reason Kuwait provided is that YouTube contains inappropriate videos offending our religion.

… UPDATE: Apparently the ban order has been reconsidered and got canceled for now. YouTube is not blocked in Kuwait.

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