Pakistan: Zardari flirts and the Blogosphere reacts

The president of Pakistan Mr. Asif Ali Zardari met with the US Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin in New York recently and used flirtatious words during the discussion. It seemed more like a courtship than a political meeting. Zardari made the following comments:

“You are even more gorgeous in life. . .”

“Now I know why the whole of America is crazy about you”

When a photographer asked to shake hands for the second time, Zardari responded candidly:

“If he is insisting, I might hug. .”

Pakistani blogosphere has responded to this critically; some joked about it while others were furious at him. Let us have a look:

Altaf Khan at The Pakistani Spectator writes:

Just after showing his intense mourning (with ashen face) of the assassination of his late wife Benazir Bhutto, Asif Ali Zardari met the beauty Queen of Alaska and the Republican runner for the Vice President, and twice admired her stunning looks. Sexy and dazzling Palin was ecstatic, though now as she is being painted as a Barbie doll for the foreign presidents by the Democrats, there is another row to haggle upon for the political analysts. […]

Shakir Lakhani at Chowrangi mentions that the president's behavior was against Islamic principles:

I wonder how the president of an Islamic Republic can even think of hugging a woman who is not closely related to him. But Mr. Zardari even said (that) he would hug her if his aide insisted (the aide had merely asked him to shake hands with her). […]

Dr. Awab Alvi at Teeth Maestro notices:

It seems to have been the perfectly scripted conversation as temporal had predicted well before the actual Sarah Palin and Asif Zardari meetup. There maybe some fanatics in Pakistan who may even cringe at seeing him shaking hands with a women, but whatever the objection and whether we like it or not it has become a routine in western interactions and I might even suggest that such flirtatious comments might even be the norm but I dare to say, at least not on camera. It is quite possible that Sarah Palin considered these as a complement, but if you were to observe the video footage of the exchange she does feel a little uneasy.

Adnan Siddiqi was not courteous to Zardari in his words:

We must thank Zardari as he represented (the) Pakistani nation, especially Pakistani men in front of (the) Americans. Yesterday when Zardari met Sarah Palin then he could not control his emotions and showed all his teeth (not sure they are genuine since I heard they were pulled out when he was in jail) and expressed love in a typical (..) style which is common among Pakistani men. […]

During the whole meeting Zardari was not found mourning about BiBi like he is used to mourn in every press conference in Pakistan.

On my own blog I depicted the meeting and the flirtatious life of President Zardari in a humorous video. Here is the video of an original news report [ur].


  • It amuzing to watch the news video covering vice presidential candidate sarah palin meeting some of the world leader who came to the UN assembly

    one of the most laughable was when she met pakitani con-man-turned-president in the person of asif zardari

    now don’t get me wrong…i love pakistans and some of the very best friends i have for more than a decade now are pakistanis

    but this zardari character is like a misfit taken out of a cartoon strip in a cheap tabloid off pakistan’s streets (not roads because it will turn out to be a really legit daily)

    anyway, it was shocking to hear him blurt out the word “georgeous” to sarah palin, and the statement

    at that moment, he looked like a horny donkey whose wife just gave birth……..if you can read between my lines.. you’ll imagine what i mean by that

    azif does not need anybody to make fun of his blunders….all he has to do is play and watch them… obviously that man is some character….. and to Pakistan…..good luck…. you’ll need much of it

    seriously.. inshallah don’t lose hope….and eid mubarak

  • Sifta

    From most everyone’s perspective, Zardari comes across as a lecherous creep. The fact that it is Ramadan is even more insulting. Clearly, for all his faults, Musharraf would not have been such an embarrassment.

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