China: Will a Nobel Peace Prize really hurt our feelings?

It couldn't have been all so bad when Gao Xingjian was awarded the Nobel prize in Literature in 2000; Zhu Rongji congratulated the former Chinese citizen at the time, and Wikipedia maintains that his winning the Nobel Prize in its 100th anniversary year is a happy occasion for Chinese literature, even with his works having been banned in China.

Now in 2008 that Hu Jia is rumored to be a top contender for this year's Nobel Peace Prize, the news was at least reported, although quickly harmonized away, leaving just those which bear Liu Jianchao‘s harmonious talking point that a Nobel Peace Prize for Hu will without doubt hurt the feelings of the Chinese people, and just the rumor of it already has.

The relevant Anti-CNN post, using a Deutsche Welle report, still stands; some comments:


The Nobel “Peace” Prize is just a joke now.


Now, it's whoever that's the most fiercely anti-China that gets Nobel Peace Prizes. This prominent international award, controlled by Western countries, sure gets aimed around a lot. China wants to rise up and look how hard we have it. Jiayou, motherland; the more they try and do stuff like this, the more united we should be.


Too angry? More like severely despising! Let those stupid c***s do whatever they want.


Truly despicable…
If you call this peace, then all I see is more hypocrisy…


The Nobel Prize has deviated! It's become the anti-China prize now! What a joke!


Is it worth even responding to this? Just make sure you don't forget it. Didn't the Dalai Lama win it 20 years ago? It was him that was behind the Lhasa riots this year, stirring things up with his big mouth.


Really makes you wonder, have the Nobel Peace Prize judges been castrated or what? How could they be so preposterous??!!

若贝尔和平奖=阴谋 颠覆 政府奖?

Nobel Peace Prize=Plot to Subvert the Government Prize?


Those Westerners really are just fooling themselves! On one hand they fantasize about China coming to rescue their markets, and on the other hand go and tell China what to do and how to do it. Do they really think us Chinese are so easy to bully around?

And from the more influential message board Paowang, comments on the Liu Jianchao ‘hurt feelings’ statement:

# 怪不得最近老生病,原来中了诺贝尔病毒- <0 byte(s)> 徐九十五 2008-09-26 15:35:17 (26)

No wonder I've been so sick lately, turns out I've come down with the Nobel Virus

# 请把和平奖颁发给我- <0 byte(s)> 莫烦 2008-09-26 15:33:54 (23)

You can give the Peace Prize to me please

# 中国真的强大起来了
提交者 : 草草收场 于 泡网俱乐部 ( 北京时间 2008-09-26 15:19:48
答 复 : 外交部回应和平奖 提交者 : 弗洛伊德 于 北京时间 2008-09-26 13:17:56

China really is so strong now
So strong that just because other people throw shit in our hands, our feelings get hurt

# 我被伤害了?
提交者 : 霜冷铁衣寒 于 泡网俱乐部 ( 北京时间 2008-09-26 15:07:54
答 复 : 外交部回应和平奖 提交者 : 弗洛伊德 于 北京时间 2008-09-26 13:17:56

What, I got hurt?
Why don't I feel anything then?

# Re: 我被伤害了?
提交者 : cowbman 于 泡网俱乐部 ( 北京时间 2008-09-26 16:22:04
答 复 : 我被伤害了? 提交者 : 霜冷铁衣寒 于 北京时间 2008-09-26 15:07:54

@What, I got hurt?
There we go getting represented, and hurt, again

# 笑
提交者 : 猫瓜 于 泡网俱乐部 ( 北京时间 2008-09-26 16:48:05
答 复 : Re: 我被伤害了? 提交者 : cowbman 于 北京时间 2008-09-26 16:22:04

@What, I got hurt?
Anyway, if we're not being made to wear three red watches, someone else is making us wear three western watches, should be used to it by now

# 强烈要求中国外交部停止伤害中国人民的感情- <0 byte(s)> 小天 2008-09-26 14:52:19 (30)

I strongly demand that the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs stop hurting the Chinese people's feelings

# 我是不是已经遍体鳞伤了- <0 byte(s)> 我乃朝廷名官岂可降尔反贼! 2008-09-26 14:41:56 (24)

I think I'm hurt all over my body by now

# md,又被强奸一次。。。- <0 byte(s)> 鸡排骨 2008-09-26 14:10:33 (40)

Damn, we got raped again…

# 又受到伤害了。。
提交者 : 鼻涕耷不流 于 泡网俱乐部 ( 北京时间 2008-09-26 13:26:38
答 复 : 外交部回应和平奖 提交者 : 弗洛伊德 于 北京时间 2008-09-26 13:17:56

Oh, we got hurt again..
How retarded does one have to be to get treated like this??

# 中国人民的感情比身体重要啊- <0 byte(s)> 能不爱江南? 2008-09-26 13:25:49 (58)

The feelings of the Chinese People are more important than their bodies!

# 不是Yang佳么.- <18 byte(s)> 枯影 2008-09-27 05:21:32 (87)

Shouldn't it be Yang Jia?


  • wgj

    “The youth in China are raised without culture, they are raised on absolute materialism, so they will easily sell out for money (not all) and they have been raised on lies and false history.” Really?

    Seriously, can you get more holier-than-thou condescending with your generalized dismission of a few hundred million people, please? You’re coming pretty close to the line of outright racism now, so why not just cross it.

  • Yeah, you’re right, it is an overgeneralization. It happens sometimes when you are talking about a nation that is under totalitarian rule and whose media and info is controlled by one source… You have a lot of people thinking stuff based on that source. The CCP has eroded Chinese culture so what I said about no culture is true. If there is culture in China then its the exception, there are probly lots of exceptions but the usual, ho hum everyday culture is such that I described.

    It has nothing to do with race of course, so it cant be racist, I’m talking about the normal outcome of mind control under totalitarian terrorism.

    Thanks for pointing that out, you are right, I dont want to ignore those people who actually are great people.

  • here:

    Finally I hear a few encouraging words from people in China whose minds are functioning in a way that can benefit themselves and society, not this CCP harmony drivel.

  • wgj

    Just because the CCP is reaching for total control of the media doesn’t mean all information is indeed under effective control of the CCP. And just because the CCP (among many other things) has a certain eroding effect on the Chinese culture (however that is defined) doesn’t mean culture has been eradicated from China. To think otherwise is — again — incredibly condescending and a plain insult to human intelligence. By the way, do you know that many European think America has no culture because the country is just too young?

    Contrary to North Korea, information is actually free for consumers in today’s China — in that anyone who wants to be informed can easily get around the Great Firewall and find all the public information available to the world at large. It’s neither technically complicated nor does it carry any danger of prosecution. Of course for information producers and publishers, the country is still anything but free. So the Chinese may not be as well informed as they could be, but if you think they’re a bunch of brainwashed zombies, you’re just as stupid as a dictator who believes he can fool all the people all the time.

  • aside form that, the ccp has actually lift some restrictions off it’s control over media/press. and also, they did erode some aspect of culture, that is Superstition, to some degree though.

  • I regret that the much neglected language,Esperanto did not receive the Nobel Peace Prize. At least nine British MP’s nominated this global language, for the Prize.

    Within a short period of 121 years Esperanto is now placed within the top 100 languages, out of 6,000 worldwide according to the CIA factbook. It it the 17th most used language by Wikipedia, and it is in active use by Facebook and Skype.

    Solid arguments for Esperanto can be seen on the Youtube video, by Professor Piron, a former translator at the United Nations.

    If you have time please check

  • knights

    FU JK! Aren’t you ashame of using JK’s name to mask your own? I hate saying that to our past president!

    Hopefully Obama will befriend China, and not bully her. I would like him to fire Pelosi – not because she wears botox made from China (she looks good in it though,) but because she joined force with republican for terrorizing the olympics . . . .

  • knights

    This message is NOT directed toward JK

    Just a general observation. I hope Obama will NOT fund the stupid little programs for writing up crazy stuff to demonize China.

  • knights

    At anyone who thinks Chinese are brainwashed!

    JK at least Chinese understand in depth the meaning of “patriotism” We are NOT too sensitive to get hurt, but we stand behind the principle that is right for the better of the big picture.

    I don’t think Americans fully grasp the concept of what it means to be patriotic!

    Yes the economy we are in sucks, and the Iraq war sucks! Yes we have the right to bash our governments. People act like they are so sick of Bush, and that makes me laugh out loud. Eight years ago, 9/11 you were crawling to your saver to stand up for you, and today, all that is forgotten?! The situation we are in is the result of the American government, not just Bush himself!

    Republicans are known to have warlike attitudes, that’s not a suprise. That’s why we voted Democrat this time! Right now Obama is taking over red rolls of accounting records, the economy mess to clean up, etc, God forbid he will make one little mistake in his term no matter what it is, what are people gonna say in four years!

    Oh I remember Clinton did so much for our economy. Remember “Surplus” and world peace? He made one little personal mistake, and you people thought he was satan!!!!

    You called yourselves “patriotics” and Chinese brain washed zombies, well it looks like it’s the other way around!!!!!!

  • knights

    “The youth in China are raised without culture, they are raised on absolute materialism, so they will easily sell out for money (not all) and they have been raised on lies and false history.”

    Wow, amazing how ignorant this is!

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