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Iran: Remembering Rasoulov, a Passionate Artist

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Mohsen Rasoulov, a passionate Iranian photographer, artist, cartoonist and photo-blogger was one of 68 passengers who lost their lives when an Iran-bound Boeing 737 crashed [1] at the end of August this year.

According to news sites, the airplane carrying 90 people crashed just outside the airport of Kyrgyzstan's capital, Bishkek on the 24th of August. Several Iranian bloggers, photo bloggers, and artists remembered this 24-year old, talented photographer in their blogs and sites.

Thanks to Kosoof [2], an Iranian photo-blogger and a friend of Rasoulov, we present here a few of his works that range from: photos to graffiti, urban-life to personal creations.

You can explore most of his photos in his photo blog, MoosVille [3]. The last photo was uploaded five days before the crash.

Mohsen Rasoulov took a lot of snap shots of urban life such as this one:

Or this one, where a natural encounter surprises us:

Rasolouv was a graffiti-lover too, and was also well known for his creations:

More of Rasolouv's graffiti can be seen here [4].