Pakistan: Another 9/11, We are Burning

Yesterday night, about 8 PM local time, Islamabad was rocked with the worst suicide attack ever in the history of Pakistan. This attack was carried outside Marriott Hotel in Islamabad. It is being said that about 1000 KG explosive material was used in this attack that resulted in the casualties of at least 67 and injuries of at least 203 people. This attack is being termed as “Pakistan's 9/11″ by the officials. Pakistanis from all fields have expressed their anger and condemned this cowardly and deadly attempt.

Pakistani Blogosphere also expressed various opinions, some associated the attacks to the Taliban, militants, and Indian involvement while others called it a result of American policies.

Dr. Hassan Asfahani at The Pakistani Spectator blames the officials. He states:

If this attack has been carried out by the Taliban, then how it is possible that they got the car without any scanning all the way through FATA to Islamabad? That is not possible.

That means that the terrorists have the inside help and network fully active in Islamabad and it’s adjoining areas. Just last month a gory attack was carried out in Wah Cantt, a suburb of Islamabad, where more than 200 people died. Last year, an attack was carried out the plane of Pervez Musharraf in Rawalpindi, and all those people had insider help.

People are also associating this attack with the Delhi Blasts, concluding that RAW could be involved in it. Dr. Awab Alvi at Teeth Maestro analyzes:

It is my analysis that the Indian spy agency RAW is the most likely to have a hand in this blast more in retaliation to the recent blasts in India. To make a killing blow on the eve of President Zardari speech to the joint session is a brilliant ploy to over shadow Zardari’s new making comments.

What can we do !!! Simply sitting at home, writing emails and sending SMS’s will achieve nothing and the terrorists will run our country to the ground. If you believe in Pakistan we need to join hands and say STOP TO TERRORISM, mind you this STOP means a full out right condemnation against Talibans, against the American raids on Pakistan and our local armed uprising.

Here's what Adnan Siddiqi has to say:

The question is, what have we been doing? What I see we always became victim of propaganda which at times turned true too but then we usually ignored to figure out whether the things which are told to us are actually true or not.

In last two decades when every bad incident happened, we were told that Ghair Mulki Hath is involved. Usually that ghair mulki hath (external hand) was India. I say if India is really involved then why don’t we have balls to say it clearly while our all governments say that they had proof too? When people asked it was said that it’s due to national interest.

We Cite declares it as a symptom of state of war:

“War has come to Pakistan’s door step a long time ago. It is most unfortunate that even till yesterday, many of us denied this fact. Not any more. Not when War has pushed in to our house and is now in our living rooms, in our bedrooms, in our backyards, every where around us.

Pakistan is under attack!”

Almost every Pakistani blog has written much about this terror attempt, I wish I could quote all of them. For ages, people have been blaming Pakistan to be the responsible of terrorism. In fact we are the one who have suffered the most out of this terrorism, We've been targeted and at the end, these are innocent Pakistanis who die unnatural and horrible death.


  • Fatima

    These so-called muslim extremists are giving Islam a bad name! This is not Islam. Islam teaches us not to kill women, children, elderly, not even a tree in times of war, and when the offensive stops, to stop the defensive. They have left Islam, these “extemists”. They don’t follow Islam, and they don’t teach Islam. I wish there was a way to separate these terrorists from the title of muslims.

  • Katelyn

    I think it is so sad that people now assume that Islam equals terrorism. Just because of one event and a group of extremists, Islam has gotten a bad name. People all around the world need to be reeducated about what Islam is and what it truly stands for. Maybe then people will learn the difference between true Islam and the fundamentalist version.

  • knowledge

    When are you going to wake up! the false-flag is operating around the world as means to elect the most corrupted personal leader in key nations. Watch out for the CIA_MOSSAD_M16_all perposely financing the FundamentalistMovement for you then to elect the pupet who is ready to sold your nation. Be clever, be wise..history is repeating again. Your MassMedia is already in hand of the perpetrators.

  • Critics

    WHAT ABOUT HUMANS BEFORE ISLAM’S BIRTH ? Aren’t they unlucky because they missed Islam and now they will burn in hell for not being Muslims!

    War of religion: Shame on us. Religion for human welfare not destruction in any ways. We must be HUAMANS first and then any thing else. These terrorists risk all other lives. Today they attacked this Building. Tomorrow they will attack their masters. Days are counted. No one escapes from judgement even the terrorists themselves. The fact is one die clean and other with lots of load and burden.

  • […] killed 53 people. In a sign of the anguish the attacks caused in the country, one post is entitled “Pakistan — Another 911 We Are Burning,” while the headline of the other is “Pakistan Bleeds […]

  • I noticed what Fatima and Katelyn wrote regarding how Islam is being maligned by the work of terrorists. One person I know who is working to reeducate people on this topic is Mark Siljander. If you are interested in this topic please check out his website, he has a book coming out in two weeks regarding this issue.

  • Jay kactuz

    Why should people not assume that Islam equals terrorism? Consider history. Read newspapers. Look at current events. Watch TV. Consider the attacks, bombings, riots, mursders and oppression that almost always are done by Muslims in the name of Islam. Why many this month in how many nations?

    It is not just one event or a single group of extremists. The problem is much much greater yet people in the Muslim world refuse to consider any explanation except “it is not Islam.” And the death and destruction continue and Muslims wonder why the rest of humanity blames Islam and Muslims.

    The problem will continue because people refuse to consider the nature of the problem and its causes. They can only blame others. This is not a matter for “reeducation” but a matter of accepting responsibility and asking hard questions about core principles, about what Islam really stands for. I don’t think Muslims will like the answer.

  • Sifta

    Jay: your off-topic trolling is ludicrous… \Consider history\? Ha ha.. Do you not even know enough about Pakistan, or Islam for that matter, to make a real point beyond some sort of content-free allusions?

  • Islam should not be equaled to terrorism any more than Christians should be equaled to the Crusades or other times of violence perpetuated by Christians.

    That does not relieve anyone of the responsibility to struggle against injustice and terrorism from rising up in those around them, Muslim or Christian or any human. If anything it is Islam that should call out to all Muslims to stop those that are twisting Islam and aligning it for misuse.

  • Hello Everyone! Thanks for commenting!

    The word “Islam” has derived from the root word “Salam” that means “Peace”.

    Our Islamic Greeting: “Assalam-o-Alaikum” that means “Peace and blessings be on you”

    Let me quote a couple of verses from Holy Qur’an

    Allah says: “whosoever kills a single human being, it is similar as if he has killed the entire humanity” [5:32]

    Anyone who kills a believer on purpose, his retribution is Hell, wherein he abides forever, GOD is angry with him, and condemns him, and has prepared for him a terrible retribution. )

    And the word “Jihad” is the most misunderstood concept. Let me raise my voice: “Jihad” DOES NOT mean “Holy War”

    “Jihad” in fact means “to strive and struggle” , there are certain degrees of Jihad

    – Most important Jihad is to have control over your unlawful desires

    – To earn a living for your family is also a Jihad

    – One degree is to DEFEND yourself from those who want to destroy you. To defend, you allowed to fight. So this is the most misunderstood degree of Jihad.

    I suggest you people to read an English translation of “The Holy Qur’an” so that you could understand Muslim and stop blaming the religion.

    Farhan Janjua

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