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Mexico: Explosions in Morelia During Independence Day Celebrations

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Two hand grenades were tossed into a crowd in the city of Morelia [1], Mexico during independence day celebrations. Eight people were killed, and more than 100 were injured. Authorities are blaming the attack on drug cartels, who have been responsible for brutal killings throughout the country. This concern also led to a recent protest march that attracted thousands [2]. Mexican bloggers are mourning this latest tragedy [es] [3] and are calling on the government to act.

Mexablog [es] writes about the feeling of helplessness and anger at such a brutal attack [4]:

Esto es a todas luces una cobardía sin precedentes, esto ya debe de ser la gota que derramó el vaso y si gobierno federal no hace algo al respecto se confirmará todo lo dicho hasta ahora, que narco y gobierno trabajan juntos.

Imágenes crudas muestran a personas muertas y heridas que pasaron de momentos de alegría a momentos de dolor, angustia y terror, un terror nunca conocido hasta ahora y de seguir adelante no se a donde vayamos a parar.

This points to being an unprecedented cowardice, this should be the drop that overflows the glass and if the federal government does not do something about it, then it would confirm what has been said up to know, that the narcotraffickers and the government is working together.

Crude images show those killed and injured who went from moments of enjoyment to moments of pain, anguish and terror, a terror that has not been known until now and from here one doesn't know where we will stop.

Enrique V. of Tinta y Pixeles [es] reminds his readers that those who were killed and injured were not directly involved in the ongoing conflict between organized crime and the authorities [5]:

…y quienes fueron las víctimas? no fueron grandes empresarios, y tampoco gente relacionada con el estado mexicano, fue un ataque contra la gente común, contra el ciudadano promedio, el que sale en la noche con su familia a pasarla bien un rato, en fin a los menos culpables de la terrible situación por la que atraviesa este país.

..and who were the victims? They were not big businessmen, or people part of the Mexican state, it was an attack against ordinary people, against the average citizen, those that go out at night with their family to have a good time, in the end, those who are the least guilty in the terrible situation that the country is going through.

Morelia is the hometown of current Mexican president Felipe Calderon, [6] and some are wondering whether the attack was a message to him. However, the Mex Files [es] speculates [7], “Calderon was nowhere near Morelia, and — if the attack had a political angle, it was more likely an attack on Godoy and his administration than on Calderon.”

Regardless of who is at fault for this horrendous crime, the blogger at Monorama [es] summarizes many people's thoughts [8], “This is very scary.”