Ukraine, Romania: Snake Island Dispute

The 8th Circle writes that the Romanian-Ukrainian dispute over Snake Island isn't about “a piece of rock in the Black Sea (about 600×400meters)” – but about natural gas and oil reserves under the Black Sea.


  • 78253623

    what s happening? in romania and ukrane fighting for it? who own it in the past?!!

  • Adrian

    It was own by Romania in the past, taken illegally by Soviet Union after WWII, given to Ukraine along with other lands.

  • joe

    It was not taken illegaly… losers dont pick the rules, especially when they are NAZI losers. Romania should be thankfull they had some land left after the war.

  • Dani

    @ Joe: you should learn history and than speak!

    “During the Second World War, Romania tried again to remain neutral, but on June 28, 1940, it received a Soviet ultimatum with an implied threat of invasion in the event of non-compliance. Under pressure from Moscow and Berlin, the Romanian administration and the army were forced to retreat from Bessarabia as well from Northern Bukovina to avoid war. This, in combination with other factors, prompted the government to join the Axis.”

    We did everything humanly possible to avoid war but the Rusians wanted to give up our land and to help them fight the Nazis.
    Romania wanted to enter on the allied side in WW2 but France had fallen ( our only real friend) and the Soviet Union threatned us with an invasion so we did what anyone had done in this situation, help the enemy of your enemy!!!!
    So it’s only Soviet Union’s fault because we join the Nazis.

  • laura

    ok i need info. ..
    who own it in the past?
    does anyone has websites about the fighting for the island?

    please give correct answers i really need them

  • rex

    oh what does that mean? communists killed many times more than did nazis. the soviets did steal the land and stole much more and killed much more. romania was always exploited by bigger powers throughout history. this land is theirs

  • George Arden

    Romania didn’t have any choice during the WWII, first because of the ultimatum give by the alliance between Rusia and III Reich and secondly because of the criminal indiference of the allied powers. Any American imbecil who moans about somthing should know history first and then speak. Snak Island is Romanian territory, full stop.

  • frida

    i need info and websites pliz give me correct answers
    1 question who do you think it should own it? ukraine? romania? why?

    pliz get informed correctlty..!!!


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