India: Delhi serial blasts and after thoughts

On September 13th the capital of India was rocked and terrorized by serial blasts. This is the fourth bombing incident targeting innocent people this year after Jaipur, Bangalore, and Ahmedabad.

Aaman Lamba reports in Desicritics:

Five bombs went off in succession in Karol Bagh, Connaught Place, and Greater Kailash I, killing at least 18 people and injuring over 90. Two live bombs have also been reportedly defused…. .

The relatively new Indian Mujahideen claimed responsibility for these blasts….sending an e-mail to media channels minutes before the first blast.

The Wikipedia entry on this tragedy provides more links and updates. Mayank Austen Soofi has uploaded some pictures of the blasts in Flickr.

Now we will highlight some of the reactions of Indian bloggers :

Ahmed Hussain stated in a twitter message:

The turn of events @ Delhi has left me saddened. The perpetrators hiding behind the cloak of religion are doing themselves no good nor Islam.

Interim Thoughts sneered at the Government's usual statement in response to this bombing:

The statement consisting of 135 nuclear armed army divisions words rained on the attackers yesterday late in the evening. Future terror attacks have been averted thanks to the statement which is a strong mix of old words and a terror template. The government was able to ready the statement at short notice after changing dates, place and number of victims. Terrorists have had sleepless nights based on the strong words used in the template.

Cutting the Chai contemplates on how the general citizens are reacting to these blasts after blasts:

What is worrying me now is that I don't understand the emotions that I'm feeling while watching the visuals on live television and reporters and anchors repeating the same thing over and over again.

Perhaps I've become comfortably numb. And that's a dangerous thing.

The Great Bong slams at the numbness of the society against these barbaric terrorist acts:

Do we, as a nation, understand that the whole “spirit of the city” feel-good is nothing but an euphemism for people becoming so inured to flying ball-bearings and bloody corpses that they accept terrorist violence as a fact of life, like traffic jams and power cuts?

So how can India diffuse these threats? DeeptiA has some suggestions how to tackle this problem. The Acorn has a seven point manifesto towards a national anti-terrorism policy.

But more than these the general citizens need to be more conscious of the situation and keep vigil against all threats including exposing those who anyway support these terrorists and their cause.


  • I think it is relevant that the Indian Mujahadeen have yet to use suicide bombers. This may speak to a possible response, as it suggests they still see themselves as part of India and willing- at some point – to work within the system. The perpetrators may never have that opportunity, but the right response might ensure that their children do not follow the same path.

    I was encouraged by the response of many Muslim scholars throughout India and even Pakistan, as well as the Urdu press, that voiced immediate and strong outrage at the recent tragedy.

  • The Latest news is the claim by the Mumbai police that they have foiled an attemp by the indian mujahideen to attack important places in Mumbai. So, the objective is very clear indian mujahideen wanted more blood bath in important cities in India. I wonder why the people of indian origin wanted to see their own citizens die. I got curious to know the motive behind these dastardly attacks by Indian Mujahideen. I thought seeing thing from their prespective will help me understand the motive for these attacks. Well, there could be number of factors that could have influenced these disillusioned muslim youths to take such a decision. Let me list out some of the factors below.
    1. They could have been affected by a religious tension.
    2. They could have been influenced by the neighbouring nation by playing the religious card.
    3. They could have been very poor and could have done these for money (But, it is highly unlikely to have happened because some of these men was from affulent middle class)

    Now, lets discuss these factors in great detail from their prespective. The first factor that could have affected them is religious tension. If their relative or friends have been affected by the religous tension, it could have angered them. Every human being in the world would be sad to lose their loved and dear ones. I understand the trauma they could have undergone by missing their loved ones. But, that dosn’t justify these terrorist acts. They as a islamic movement or organisation could have helped others who had faced such misery. This could have brought them fame instead of shame.

    The second factor is a serious one. If they are instigating jihad against India influenced by other nation. They must understand the meaning of jihad. Example of a true jihad is the one waged by the Afganistan jihadist against the occupation force. I salute and respect these jihadists because they were defending their country and people. Moreover they were fighting a mighty USSR. Their bravery is commendable. In Indian Mujahideen’s case they are fighting innocent and unarmed people. This is not bravery, but a cowardly act. If at all they wanted to wage a jihad. They must have targeted the Indian military or the Indian police not the common man. Here they have brought shame to their religion. Because Islam says a muslim should not hurt or kill another muslim. Few of them affected by these bomb blast are muslims.

    Now, If money is the reason for these blasts. This according to me is the most stupid way of earning money. Because it not only affects the individuals, it will also affect their family. This indeed will bring shame to their family.

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