Pakistan: “Yet Another Cowardly Attack by the US”

United States attacks within Pakistani boundaries are not new to anyone. A few days ago, an attack on the Angoor Adda area of South Waziristan claimed the lives of at least 20 Pakistanis. But that’s not all. It is the fifth recent attack, and it claimed no less then 20 lives. The victims were innocent, they neither were terrorists nor supporters of terrorists, and they lost their lives in the “War against Terror”.

Brig (r) Junaid Zaman writes at The Pakistani Spectator:

The blood thirst of US forces hasn’t appeased yet and they are asking for “MORE”, and in their madness they have inaugurated their attack on the Pakistani soil. They have started from the Angor Adda, Waziristan, and they would not stop there. Scores of American soldiers came in four CH-47 Chinook transport helicopters, blasted their way into several houses and gunned down men they found there. All who died were civilians busy in preparing the Sehri, the start of the next fast. The causalities included women, children and men. When the other people reached there, they found all of them dead outside their homes with scores of bullets in their heads.

People from all fields including bloggers have condemned these attacks in strong words. Farhan at Guppu calls the attacks shameful, cowardly and a threat to Pakistan’s sovereignty and dignity.

Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi condemned this incident in strong words stating that they reserve the right to attack in response. The Jamat Islami Party leader Qazi Hussain Ahmed also condemned it with strong words saying that the government should not only reserve the right to attack in response, but that they should do it as it is necessity. The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Party (PTI) leader, Imran Khan blamed the government saying that US forces attacked with the consent of government officials who are carrying forward President Musharraf’s policies.

People seem disappointed by the government’s actions.

NEA at Buzzvines expresses his anger with the Pakistani government with these words: “How can someone attack Pakistan, when the attackers first rent Pakistan's army for selling and killing its few countrymen and then plan and jointly conduct the weeks-long war of terror in Pakistan. What a shame both for the army and the defence minister!!!!”

While Fahad at Chowrangi expresses his feelings with these words: “Allegedly Pakistan on Wednesday summoned the United States Ambassador Anne W. Patterson in the Foreign Office here to lodge a protest over Angoor Adda incident. Now it’s not really clear as Pakistani authorities lashed at the Patterson or Anne dear spewed venom at the Pakistani authorities for not giving enough blood to spill in Angoor Adda.”

Many bloggers have protested those attacks by displaying a badge that says “We Protest Against US attacks on Pakistan”.


  • It seems that USA needs a new “Victim” to “Bully” after spreading death and chaos in Iraq and Afghanistan and now its Pakistan’s turn to become thta vicitm of US capitalists asault.
    As a member & representative of Pakistani Youth, I strongly condemn US Misile Attack on Pakistani soil and I demand that the Pakistani Government immidiately order all US Diplomats and Ambassador to go back to Washington.
    In future, these people who are being hit by US misile striek will definitely look for ways to take revenge, atleast form the American citizens living in Pakistan, (as happens in Saudi Arabia and some other countries; WATCH HOLLYWOODS “THE KINGDOM”), therefore, it would be extremley wise for Pakistani governemnt to ask ALL US citizens to LEAVE Pakistan immidiately.

  • john

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  • Note to “john”:

    Keep talking like that and you might not even be left with ‘y’.


    John Kennedy

  • Critics

    Lives are important every where. No matter Pakistan, Afghanistan or Iraq. The main thing is to see what is right and what is wrong.
    PAST: In Iraq Saddam killed thousands of Kurds. Did any single Muslim country stood against such brutal act of Saddam? NO.
    In Afghanistan, Many years of fight and war. Killings of innocent people. Killing of heritage and massacres. Again no Muslim Country stood and said any words of men.
    Later, Osama and Taliban hijacked local traditions and heritage. Still no one said any word. Instead Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia kept helping Taliban, Tajiks. And then 9/11. All the Muslim world celibrated twin tower colapse! As if a non muslim life has no value at all. no one from the non-muslim country can celibrate in such a way if something happend to a Muslim country but most of them would share their sympathy with that specific Muslim country. Any way, 9/11 came and past and then Foreign troops came in Afghanistan. For some they brought grief and for many they were blessing. Afghanistana, a country with all powerfull leaders linked with drug traffickers called jihad against them! Jihad with heroin money! Everything is wrong, upside down. Then Taliban and Al-qaida ousted. Many escaped to mountains and Pakistani tribal areas. And from there they kept comming and tried to break the peace. KILLED many of their own and aid workers. Killed many foreign troops and local forces. Escaped back to Pakistan. So …
    Every one asked Pakistani officials to stop them. Once, twice, weeks, month and now years passed. Still insurgencies from border sides! What are you waiting for? American Troops are not leaving. They know onw day few hundred or thousand suicide bombers would attack Pakistani nuclear facilities and would risk all worlds lives! So, Pakistani secret services are requested to do their job before things get any worst.
    Don’t misjudge. If you take wrong side you are the same as the wrong. Either A or B.
    Pakistani media find it easy to frighten world by saying US attacks would bring more Terrorists. Instead of doing this it could do some very ISI cleanup operation. And do the proper job. And let not US attack any more.

    Last Words: A huge anti terrorist rally through out Pakistan is must. To show that Pskistanis are not supporters of global terrorism.
    Either Side A or Side B.

    Righteous in both war and Peace I am.

  • Critics

    Shame is to have a part of your country with elemenst of global terrorists.
    Those terrorists are the reason for all the loss in Pakistans tribal area. Open your eyes please.

  • Nitasha


    Don’t try to be the Godfather of the world. America has no right of such attacks everywhere in the world in the name of so called War on Terror, that terror itself is created by US. Go and watch Fahrenheit 9/11 and many such documentaries that clearly proves that this terrorism was created by Bush himself just to occupy the oil resources of Muslim countries.

  • critics

    Yes, America has such right to attack. Especially the Muslim countries with lack of justice. God has send America on them. Otherwise, everyone of us enjoy comfort of beeing at home.
    So, what to do then? Serve the Terrorists? Keep watching them what they do? Watch them go to Afghanistan kill 3 policemen and tens of civilians? Since 70s, there is no peace in Afghanistan and now something positive has started to happen but Terrorists won’t let this happen! And Pakistan’s excuse is: What can we do ???? Our ISI members are involved!!!!!! We know but what to do?????? Give us some fund!!!!!!! Give us fund please, Dollars……. And we will try to kill any number of terrorists possible but we can’t dismiss our beloved ISI agents!!!! Because they are also Pashtuns!
    I think enough is enough. Pakistan must stop fooling every one around. It must take serious actions. And cut the Cancer away. It’s a CANCER. Time is short so faster is better.

  • Imad

    American nation is not aware of the fact that it is being used by Jewish zionists to expand their control and occupation of land for a greater Israel, and for that they are weakening all muslim nations because Israeli see muslims a threat in achieving their agenda.

    American economy is near to a collapse with increasing debt. But they still want to force war on another nation.

    Search on CIA and see what its all about. It is a criminal organization. You can get a detailed overview of its clandestine agenda behind the attacks over nations. You’ll also see how it funds itself through underground drug trading and other crimes.

    In short American nation is the biggest terrorist nation ever on earth. and they should thank their zionist Jewish fathers for that.

    Pakistan is a peaceful country. Tribal areas are being infiltrated by brain washed paid criminals hired by US from Afganistan to create a scene which can be used by US to justify its attack over Pakistan.

    Don’t forget that Pakistan is a nuclear power. And an attack over Pakistan can make this world a very ugly place to live in.

    Its time for US nation to open their eyes.
    I’ll suggest all peace loving people in US specially muslims and pakistanis to come to streets for a rally against US attacks on Pakistan.

  • Daniel

    US obeys the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the world nations… “No doubt!”

    Russian federation

  • A peace Lover

    I have read your complete article and found it very very informative and realistic, I know currently the Govt. of Pakistan is supporting USA and in fact USA is allowed by pakistani Govt. to deliver bombs anywhere in Pakistan,

    USA is getting support by Paki Govt. not by paki people as USA is considers in pak the biggest enemy of Pakistan especially Muslims, As it has shown the willingness to kill muslims everywhere in the world.

    USA and Israeli is shouting that Iran can produce nuclear weapons which is completely baseless as Iran accepted the supervision of (IAEA) but when this
    organization took actions according to USA and Israeli desire than Iran had no choice except stop cooperating with IAEA and Iran did that which is his right !

    I have to point out to you that USA is the only nation who has more than 10,000 nuclear weapons and it is still producing more nuclear weapons which is quite amazing,

    I want to ask any American including you, that why your country produced such a big quantity of nuclear weapons, i think 150 to 200 nuclear weapons will be enough for the destoryment of the whole world, so in that occasion 10,000 or more nuclear weapons should be considered to threaten the world or it should be considered for the betterment of the humanity ?

    Did you remember what Israel did with Lebanon in recent years and what was USA attitude towards the fight ? I can tell you truly and frankly, that USA was supporting Israel to kill innocent people of Lebanon bcoz they were Muslims, The United Nations passed the resolution and condemned Israeli act but it was your country dear who continued supporting Israeli and WETO the resolution.

    And then Lebanon people along with Sheikhs started fighting and sent many Rockets in Israel which caused the several causalities and fear in people and as the
    time passed Sheikhs gain more power and it was time when Israel was under attack, which was not acceptable for USA.

    Then simply USA supported the resolution and fighting was stopped but during air strikes in Lebanon, Israel killed countless innocent people including innocent kids which were just like roses.

    Can anybody tell me how much money USA has spent on producing these nuclear weapons, I think the amount can’t be calculated as it must be in countless
    figure, so what do you think my dear, if this amount could have spent for the betterment of poor nations and for those who have no food, no water, no cloth,
    no medication, I am quite sure said amount might have changed the whole life of those needy people if it was used for the betterment of these people but why?

    It was not a duty of USA to help those needy people, instead of this, the aim of USA was to kill more and more innocent people around the world especially

    Now the Israel pushing USA to attack IRAN due to iran nuclear activities which are not true, Did you remember, the same objection raised by USA before
    attacking IRAQ but could not find any prove of nuclear/chemical weapons, and during this war, You americans lost your soldier who were you sons, brothers,
    fathers and of course they were killed as they considered enemy.

    I am quite sure, if the USA will attack Iran, then it must be a start of world war 3 which will spread around the world, and i am sorry but it is true that you (
    Americans ) will have to face toughest time during war as you will be fired from everywhere and you know why it will be bcoz of your Government’s adopted

    Here, In pakistan, if you are a foreigner then people will honor you but if they come to know that you are a American, You will see an anger in their eyes
    which is bcoz of your Govt. policies for the Muslims,

    Now USA and allies ( NATO ) attacking pakistan everyday and Govt. of Pakistan (PPP) is just formally protesting the strikes, In these Strikes they have
    killed many many females and kids who were completely innocent.

    I do not know why USA is not understanding that these kind of activities will make more terrorist’s bcoz if a family member dies in these attacks, the other family
    members have two options, 1.keep silence and be patient, 2.fight with them.

    So in this way, many of them keep silence and many of them decides to fight and kill their enemy who killed their loved ones.

    Therefore they are not terrorists but you are terrorist who insisted them to take gun for their satisfaction.

    I am writing this letter to you just to clarify the differences between terrisiom bcoz i know the life is so small and it’s better for every one to spend life

    Your comments will be awaited !

    From, A Peace Lover

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