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Angola: Elections in pictures

Categories: Sub-Saharan Africa, Angola, Citizen Media, Elections

This Friday September 05 was a special day in Angola. After lukewarm elections campaigning [1], the population was excited to vote [2] for a new parliament in the first elections in 16 years. For many people, this was the first opportunity to exercise their right to vote. Most of the population went peacefully [3] to about 12,000 polling stations, however voting is to continue today at 320 stations in the capital Luanda, due to yesterday's logistical problems that caused delays in the delivery of ballots.

As reactions start to appear on the blogosphere, a full report is on its way. For now here are some pictures [4]showing the run up to the historic day, registered by José Manuel Lima da Silva, Flickr user Kool2bBop [5], along with his own remarks:

Unidade Nacional. Angola está a provar ao mundo que, apesar das diferenças, é um povo UNIDO.
Esperemos que tudo acabe como até aqui! – civismo

“National Unity. Angola is showing the world that, despite differences, it has a united people. One people, one nation. We hope it will be like this in the end – public spirit!”


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There are many more pictures of the actual big day at Tiago Sousa [13]‘s and Sam.Seyffert [14]‘s flickr galleries.

Around 8.3 million people have registered to vote, choosing from among over 5,000 candidates from 10 parties and four coalitions. There are in total 220 parliamentary seats.