China: True or false? A fugitive sergeant’s diary

Scheming frame-up, unlawful arrest and bitter escape journey, it’s not the story line of the new season of Prison Break , but a Chinese Police Sergeant’s unbelievable experience against his corrupt superior officer. Since the end of August, a post named “A fugitive sergeant’s diary” has flared and spread among many different Chinese blogs, BBSs and online communities, and finally even attracted attention of the mainstream media, including Xinhua News Agency, the official press agency of the government.

Yang Xiaodong (阳晓东), the alleged author of the diary, who proclaimed himself the Criminal Police Commander of Huangchuan County, Henan Province, disclosed a sequence of events that how the higher-ups of the local police intrigued with the gangsters against him for his continuous exposure of their underground crimes, and how he escaped from the house arrest, hiding himself in the mountains and running from one place to another.

A note at the beginning of the diary (excerpt):


…I am Yang Xiaodong (阳晓东), the Criminal Police Commander of Huangchuan County, Henan Province. Since March, 2008, I have successively written two reports, The Evil under the Police Badge and A National Advanced Public Security Bureau's Metamorphosis , exposing the illegal activities of Wu Xiaohui (邬晓辉), the Deputy Director General of Public Security Bureau of Huangchuan County, and malfeasance of the whole department. With my real name, I sent the two reports to Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, Wang Tie (王铁), Secretary of Xinyang Municipal Committee of the CPC, Jiao Yuru (焦豫汝), Secretary of County Committee of the CPC, People's Procuratorate of Xinyang city, People's Procuratorate of Henan Province, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, and the Ministry of Public Security of Xinyang city. Then the instructions issued by the leadership were in succession relayed to the Commission for Discipline Inspection of Xinyang Public Security Bureau. April 31 a group of investigators, including Hu Yongbin (胡永斌), the Deputy Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection of Xinyang Public Security Bureau, arrived Hungchuan County and on May 7 they had found out the case that Wu Xiaohui (邬晓辉) illegally ran gambling house, violently obstructing the work of the police. However, the investigating team suddenly stopped their work and told me “The leadership have instructed the investigations of the other cases are suspended”


Subsequently, many cases I reported were deliberately leaked out. Because those cases were related to the criminal underworld, the embezzlement of the public security organs and horrible dereliction of duty, Wu Xiaohui (邬晓辉), the involved public security organs and criminal forces began their crazy revenge on me. The “black world” threatened me by anonymous calls, while the “white world” Wu Xiaohui (邬晓辉) took advantage of his powers to monitor my cell phone, house and social relationships, and in the meantime sent lobbyist to buy me off, “As long as you drop the charges you can have 500 thousand yuan (73 068.5 US dollars)”. Moreover, Wu Xiaohui (邬晓辉) greased the palm of the leadership at all levels by cash and various relationships. Until now, Wu Xiaohui and the relevant criminal forces haven't got any punishment. Li Hongwei, the deputy chief procurator of Xinyang People's Procuratorate, personally said to me, “Sergeant Yang, you should pay attention to your safety. It is not that we don't want to look into those things. We are just powerless”…


…Around 11 p.m. of July 25, Run Daohong (润道宏), the Director General of Public Security Bureau of Huangchuan County, told me to go to the assembly room of Party committee to have a talk. I showed up on time. While Hu Yongbin (胡永斌), the Deputy Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection of Xinyang Public Security Bureau and Zhou Qixin (周启新), official of the Municipal Commission for Discipline, were pretending to inquire into the reporting affairs, about 10 armed policemen broke in and completely surrounded me; with that, Zhou Qixin (周启新) announced that he representing the Municipal Commission for Discipline executed “Shuanggui” on me…


… Because the charge was unwarranted, I denied signing in the judgment and further cooperating. They dragged me into a van and secretly moved me out of the police station. Obviously, they were trying to seal my lips and take my life, so I had to choose escape. August 1 I broke out of the house where I was detained; August 2 the Huangchuan Public Security Bureau illegally listed me as wanted; Since August 3, Wu Xiaohui (邬晓辉) with the criminal forces of Huangchuan county has sent two groups of killers to Shanghai, Beijing etc. to assassinate me. My life is in extreme danger. To arouse the police's ethical conscience and stand firm for the justice and fairness, I have been ready to sacrifice myself. Meanwhile, I have published the letter of accusation and my fugitive diary on the Internet. Once I suffer from misfortune, those materials can also be used as evidence. What's more, I believe the voice of millions of netizens will bring justice, fairness, democracy and social progress, and face the corruption and malversation down. Let's encourage each other!

Up to now, Sergeant Yang's fugitive diary has been updated from July 26, the first day of the house arrest, to August 13 when he fled to Fuyang, a city in Anhui Province. Because of the massive reproductions among the blogs and BBSs, no one knows exactly where Yang published his diary or whether there is someone else who helped him do the updating work. Even so, according to 3 blogs (Links: 1, 2, 3) which many bloggers linked to, It's very likely that the diary was firstly packaged into one post and then updated in different blogs every 6 or 8 days. All the 3 blogs were established in Blogger and dressed by black style.

Although Sergent Yang's legendary and tragic experience has won most Chinese netizen's strong support and deep sympathy, an inescapable question naturally arouse before everyone concerned. Is it true? Will the story maker behind the curtain suddenly jump out and exaltedly shouted that you are fooled? To avoid that situation, some cautious netizens began to further investigate the information revealed by the diary. Surprisingly the officials mentioned do exist, and Wu Xiaohui (邬晓辉), the most important role in Yang's depiction, was even found in the official website of Huangchuan County.

Da Dida, a blogger in, through web cache collected more to prove Sergeant Yang's identity:

google.cn提供的“潢川县公安局领导 阳晓东”的查询结果截图

The screenshot of the search results of “The officer of Huanchuan Public Security Bureau Yang Xiaodong (阳晓东)” by


The screenshot of the leadership list of Huangchuan Public Security Bureau from the official website of Huangchuan government (

google缓存提供的潢川县政务门户网站曾经发布的潢川县公安局部门领导在 2008年8月22日 16:29:38 GMT 的快照截图

The previous leadership list of Huangchuan Public Security Bureau provided by the official website of Huangchuan government. The screenshot was taken at 16:29:38 GMT, August 22, 2008 by google cache.

According to the screenshots in Da Dida's blog, it's clearly that until August 22 Yang Xiaodong (阳晓东), the name of the fugitive sergeant was still in the leadership list of Huangchuan Public Security Bureau. (Somehow the link of Google cache has been updated to August 31 now, but Baidu cache also saved a similar screenshot which can prove Yang's identity)

A report published Thursday by CCVIC has further proved Sergeant's Yang's diary, but it also discovered a totally new edition of the same story, which again made the whole thing much more complicated.

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