China: Cop-killer online hero case goes on trial

Yang Jia's case goes to trial today, after having been postponed for the Olympics. Previously he had been harmonized after having been heroized by many online for walking into a police station in Shanghai last month and killing six cops after what was accepted was an earlier case of injustice and police brutality of which he was rumored to have been on the receiving end.

Tuesday afternoon in China and many bloggers are waiting to hear what the verdict will be, if it even comes today. Writing about it is not working very well, as demonstrated by lawyer and legal blogger Liu Xiaoyuan in his post on his Sina blog, ‘A ban has been sent down on featuring blog posts discussing the Yang Jia case’:




Yesterday, I was interviewed by some foreign media; they wanted me to talk about issues of press freedom and freedom of speech during the Olympics. During the Olympics, authorities stopped blocking foreign media websites, and we were free to browse them, this is definitely a big step forward. But, controls on internet speech are tighter than they were before, and many things cannot be talked about; even posts like this one will be deleted.

What I didn't expect is that now that the Olympics are over, internet speech still hasn't be let go. Last night I heard that the Yang Jia case is going to trial, and I immediately posted this out to all my blogs; some of them, as usual, wouldn't let me post. The thread I posted on the Cat898 BBS? Locked so that no-one can reply.

This morning, another thread I posted about the Yang Jia case got locked down, so netizens couldn't leave comments or respond.




This afternoon, I sent to a text message to a close friend who's an editor at Bokee, hoping they could feature my post “Why didn't the Shanghai #2 Intermediate Court put the information about Yang Jia's trial online>”. He texted back: there's an order. I texted back to that, asking, ‘is it an old order, or an order now?’ He wrote back: ‘the old one's still here, and there's a new one too.’

Some netizens reposted my post to a certain BBS, but if you click it, it won't open.

Just like the Caijing reporter said, this was all carefully planned long ago.

One anonymous commenter on Liu's post has written:


(2008-08-26 13:43:55)

Not letting people speak, that just shows they must be hiding something


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  • ali baba

    Below are postings from 强國 Strong Nation forum

    杨佳袭警案开审未宣判 法院拒绝媒体入内旁听庭审安保标准高规格 ( 微不足道的呐喊 08-08-27 10:58:05 ) 1649字 ( 0/37/0 )

    Yang Jia assaulted police case court proceeding had started,not sentenced yet,court refused media entry, very high security at the court.
    老夫以为:上海案六条命,应该开个百万人公审大会,邀全球媒体旁观,以正我朝纲法 ( 西域西域 08-08-27 11:14:59 ) 0字 ( 0/15/0 )

    My opinion is:Shanghai six deaths case,should have a million people public prosecution proceeding,invite global media to attend,in order to give a good name to this Dynasty’s law and order

  • ali baba

    More from Strong Nation forum

    不知杨+知道不知道他的律师在外面乱讲话出卖他的利益的事情,如果他知道了会不会提出来换律师呢? ( 搬小板凳看热闹 08-08-27 11:10:06 ) 0字 ( 0/0/0 )

    Does Yang Jia know that his lawyer is harming him by saying the wrong thing in the public,if Yang Jia knows,would he demand a change of lawyer?
    杨佳案的审理, 公众高度关注,不允许记者旁听是没有道理的! ( 都市论丛 08-08-27 11:08:49 ) 0字 ( 0/5/0 )
    The court proceeding of Yang Jia’s case,the public’s attention is very intense,there is no reason at all to refuse media attendance.

  • ali baba

    More postings from 强國 Strong Nation forum

    俺强烈要求沪上精方就不公开审理羊+案,给一个理由 ( 胆小草民9997 08-08-27 11:08:48 ) 0字 ( 0/2/0 )
    I strongly demand Shanghai Police to give us a reason,why the prosecution of Yang Jia is not open to the public.

    杨+事件,是一个时代的悲哀! ( 和谐一号 08-08-27 11:08:08 ) 0字 ( 0/15/0 )

    Yang Jia’s case,represents the sadness of a whole generation

    不公开审理羊+案,,,这完全背离了一歌的“以人为本”的执政宗旨 ( 胆小草民9997 08-08-27 11:03:04 ) 0字 ( 0/60/5 )

    This prosecution proceeding of Yang Jia,with no public attendance,is a complete betrayal of Brother No.1 (Hu Jing-Tao) “Based on human” governing principle
    又不是地震预报,为什么不公开? ( 蒙柯凯洛嘎韦 08-08-27 11:07:57 ) 0字 ( 0/2/0 )

    It is not earth quake prediction,why refuse public attendance?

    正说明 时代呼吁这样的英雄 ( 俎纣温神 08-08-27 11:07:40 ) 14字 ( 0/2/0 )

    It clearly shows that it is time for this kind of Hero to come forward.
    不仅仅是审理环节———–所有环节多要在阳光下运做。 ( 星条旗永不落! 08-08-27 11:05:28 ) 0字 ( 0/1/0 )

    Not only the proceeding details——— all the details should be put under the sun-light.
    一语惊叹: 不公开审理是对中国法律的侮辱 .是对13亿人的调戏. 哈 ( 衷爱绿茶 08-08-27 11:02:55 ) 0字 ( 0/64/6 )

    This unopen court proceeding is an insult to the Chinese law and order,is a tease to 1.3 billion people.
    当局给杨佳委派的辩护律师谢有明,本身是闸北区政府的法律顾问 ( 大国奴才 08-08-27 11:06:16 ) 0字 ( 0/9/1 )

    Yang Jia’s government appointed defense lawyer Sia Yu-Ming,himself is the legal consultant of Jah Bei county government.(That is Yang Jia’s alleged crime scene)

    谢律师就是地下党. ( 蒙柯凯洛嘎韦 08-08-27 11:09:58 ) 0字 ( 0/0/0 )

    Lawyer Sia is a undercover agent of the government.

  • I don’t understand, why is Liu Xiaoyuan and others don’t use blogs outside of China? Is it because they are blocked too fast by the GFW? There are a couple of technical possibilities to prevent this. I’m happy to help: sven(at)

  • ali baba

    倪匡 a famous Hong Kong sci-fi writer,pen-name 衛斯理 ,is the author of many books.
    First Blood(Rambo 1)

    (博讯北京时间2008年8月27日 来稿)

    Yang Jia,who allegedly killed 6 Shanghai police,was given a “young Robin Hood” title by admiring netizens,recently more discussions erupted on blogosphere about his “true” identity”:{Yang Jia is not a everyday criminal,he is a war criminal,he should be subjected to international treaty on war criminal}


    The reason behind this argument being: Yang Jia started a one-man war,using a one-man army,he picked at the state authoritarian machine.Public security Bureau forms a important part of the state authoritarian system.Yang Jia’s action,single-handly took up the police,even though the differences in their power is too extreme,but if one just look at the nature of it,it really is the beginning of Chinese civil war.

    In the past civil war,Chinese Communist Party called its opponents War Criminals,that is why Yang Jia is a War Criminal,it is similar to the case when He Long killed the tax police,which started the revolution(civil war). Etc etc.
    This kind of argument is in fact quite weak and unnatural,and even if Yang Jia was granted a war criminal status,what use can there be?Can a war criminal escape the death penalty?

    These kind of opinions,only reflect the folks sympathy towards Yang Jia.

    There is one unbiased argument:The whole thing should have never happened at all.


    At the beginning,police stop Yang Jia,Yang then showed them the receipt of the renting of the bicycle,by then police should have let him go.But ,because of Yang’s wrong attitude,which had got on the nerve of the police,they then started to show off their power,made it hard for Yang,not only locked him up,and gave him “special treatment”.Police easily think that they are above the rest,anyone that being stopped at the check point,must all be soft and lame,and be respectful to the police,otherwise the police will feel offended.This kind of mentality is both twisted and terrible,at the end causing numerous incidents.

    In Sylvester Stallone’s First Blood,that sheriff was having this kind of mentality when he was dealing with Rambo,at the end,Rambo started a one-man war to fight him.From this we can conclude,to bully plain folks just to show that they are above others, police all over the world also have the same mentality,much so in totalitarian dictatorship countries.

    When those police have made up their mind that folks would silently accept any form of abuse,of course something is wrong with the police,they are using their power to bully the vulnerable,which rank the first among despicable and shameless human behaviors.That is the reason why Yang Jia went into war by himself,is enough to turn him into a hero in the hearts of ordinary folks.

    And really speaking,it was the police’s behaviors that help making it.

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  • knights

    Baba, it’s ok to kill people?

  • marjourey

    He has become a symbol for the growing number of people who are
    attacking Chinese police in protest at the brutality of the state.Mr Yang has even been compared to Wu Song, one of the greatest heroes
    in Chinese literature, who killed a tiger with his bare hands.One message left on his MySpace page said: “You have done what most people want to do, but do not have enough courage to do”.

  • Rachel Page

    Why doesn’t this surprise me? Bankruptcy Attorney

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