23 August 2008

Stories from 23 August 2008

Palestine: Saving water

Alajnabiya, an American Muslim living in Palestine, describes how she copes with constant water shortages in the West Bank. She says: “Much as I love flowers, flushing the toilets is a higher priority.”

Palestine: Boats break siege of Gaza

The latest news on the two boats attempting to sail to the Gaza Strip as an act of solidarity is that they have reached Gaza, despite earlier warnings that they might not be permitted to do so. Bloggers have reacted to the action with both excitement and concern.

Cape Verde: Stolen gold olympic medal

  23 August 2008

Abraão Vicente [pt] on the son of Cape Verde who won a gold medal for Portugal: “Nelson Évora won the gold medal and he is Portuguese. That is it. Did you see any little Cape Verde flag, if he took some symbol to express his Creole tribute? No? I didn't....

Brazil: Micro stories contest via Twitter

  23 August 2008

“140letras is the first micro stories contest in Brazil, held through Twitter. Entry is now closed and we can track the competitors’ stories. The winner will be announced on September 30″, Luciana Mielniczuk [pt] reports.

Bahrain: Eyes on Ruqaya Al Ghasra

She may have placed sixth in the qualifying heats and her dreams of becoming the first Gulf Arab woman to run in an Olympic final may be dashed, but Bahrain's Golden runner Ruqaya Al Ghasra has sure created a stir online. A rough start meant that Ghasra, who was Bahrain's flag bearer at the opening ceremony, was eliminated from the women's 200 metres race - but for tens of thousands of Arab and Muslim women - and men - out there, running her heart out fully covered has brought her more than just gold medals.