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Call for video journalists for You Tube Contest

Categories: Arts & Culture, Citizen Media, Film

You Tube's Citizen News channel [1] has released a video promo for an upcoming citizen journalism contest. They will be receiving videos of less than 3 minutes in length, in English, of a video profile about someone in your community you believe should be known by the rest of the world. The prizes and other information will be released in September. Following, the video invitation to participate [2]:

As a tip for citizen journalists in communities where English isn't the native language, using voice-overs or subtitling interviews in English (DotSub [3] is a great service for subtitling) might be a way to make your content eligible for the contest. Let's wait and see until more information is released on conditions and instructions, although it has already been cleared up in the comments that all YouTube users older than 13 years of age can participate.