China: Liu Xiang is out and we are sad

Global Voices OlympicsOn Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang‘s completely unexpected withdrawal from a competition today, rapid-response blogger He Caitou posted simply this comment from another post on Baidu:




The day before yesterday I had a dream, and I dreamt that Liu Xiang was holding a press conference, saying that due to injury he had no choice but to make the decision to pull out of the Olympic Games, and with that he apologized to all his caring supporters and friends.

A very strange dream, but then the next day I saw reports of Liu Xiang's foot injury, and I didn't know if they were real.

Please preserve this comment, do not delete it. I too am a fan of Liu Xiang's, and I hope to see him compete and successfully defend his championship.


  • 好快的手, John! Seems you are watching this also. You agree to the conspiratory theory?

  • wei

    heh…not a strange dream…I also dreamed that Kennedy is going to pick up this topic and not the 8 gold China took yesterday ;)

  • No. I’m sure that whoever wrote that in fact had the dream they describe, but…yikes we are in trouble if people’s dreams start coming true. Shanghaiist makes a good point, that Liu had been having foot/leg trouble since last month.

  • ali baba

    You might be wrong on that,netizens on Strong Nation think otherwise.

    Below are postings from Strong Nation Forum 强國

    其实,我预感到了刘翔临阵脱逃,只是没敢发出来~~~.果真成了现实. 相信有很多人有和我有同样的感觉~~ ( 一语论天下 08-08-18 13:39:50 ) 51字 ( 0/0/0 )

    To tell the truth,I had feeling that he was going to be a deserter,just didn’t dare to say it out.It really happened like I thought.I believe many people had the same feeling like I had.

    退塞可以接受,但是欺骗不能接受! ( 茉莉姐姐 08-08-18 13:40:48 ) 0字 ( 0/0/0 )

    Withdraw can be accepted,but cheating cannot!

    可以接受不能得到冠军,可以接受受伤不能比赛,但不可以接受被蒙骗和临阵逃脱。不能接受在场上那么显摆一下就逃掉!可以早说呀!做so吗? ( 踏上归途 08-08-18 13:38:43 ) 0字 ( 0/4/0 )

    We can accept the fact that he is not going to be No.1,can accept he could not go into the competition because of injury,but we cannot accept being hoodwinked and cheated,while he deserted just before the fight.We cannot accept him deserted the field after coming to the field for a brief moment.What a cheat.

    刘翔也只是个任人摆布的玩具而已 ( 中华默雷 08-08-18 13:38:18 ) 0字 ( 0/20/0 )

    Liu Xiang is just a toy,to be put here and there by someone.
    明知坚持不了,何必要那么多人空等一回?那叫自私! ( 踏上归途 08-08-18 13:40:57 ) 0字 ( 0/3/0 )

    He knew he couldn’t go on anymore,is it necessary to have so many people waiting in vain? That is called selfishness!

    如果中国人再以刘翔这种狗熊为骄傲,中国人是不是有点太傻毙了 ( 兰陵美酒 08-08-18 13:39:29 ) 0字 ( 0/1/0 )
    If Chinese is still feel proud of coward like him,then Chinese are all a bit stupid.(Well, 傻毙 is a much stronger term than “stupid”)

    急求答案:期待了一年的大片,忽然说胶片沾水不能放了,你是什么感觉? ( 雪夜行舟 08-08-18 13:36:38 ) 33字 ( 0/13/0 )

    Tell me right now:We have waited for a whole year for this block buster,suddenly were told the film is damaged beyond repaired,how do you feel?
    那个记者说:昨天晚上我得到了最后的确认,刘翔那天的成绩接近了12秒80 今天就突然撤退,会不会是因为别的问题啊 ( 二脚猫 08-08-18 13:36:20 ) 0字 ( 0/32/0 )

    That reporter said:Last night I got the final confirmation,Liu Xiang”s that day’s result was approaching 12 sec 80, today he withdraws suddenly, can it be because of other problems?
    刘翔还是飞人吗? ( 贫困之人 08-08-18 13:35:54 ) 54字 ( 0/5/1 )

    Is Liu Xiang still the “flying man”?
    # 他还飞得起来吗,他的腿已被罗伯斯吓伤了, ( 兰陵美酒 08-08-18 13:37:35 ) 0字 ( 0/1/0 )

    Can he still fly?His foot injury was caused by the threat from Roberts.

  • Kidd

    usa would of owned that person anyways no threat whats so ever whose heard of that person……..hmmmmmm oh thats right no one

  • MuLan

    I had a dream about about Ham brothers falling out of the men’s gymnastic team competition.

  • comon jk, you like to post ‘dreams’ w/c are negative in nature, when it’s about Chinese.

  • subjectivelistener

    ali baba

    Each time you post those long long long winded messages from double negative corners, I can not help thinking of a word – Masturbating.

    Carry on. Dont stop, it will make your wet dream come true and make you fingers stronger.

  • @subjectivelistener,
    Completely uncalled-for, take it elsewhere if that’s the best you can come up with.

  • ali baba

    《史记·秦始皇本纪》:“赵高欲为乱,恐群臣不听,乃先设验,持鹿献于 二世,曰:‘马也。’二世笑曰:‘丞相误邪?谓鹿为马。’问左右。左右或言马,以阿顺赵高;或言鹿者。高因阴中诸言鹿者以法。后群臣皆畏高。

    Senior minister Zhou Gao wanted to rebel against the emperor,he set up a test for other ministers,to find out how many would supported him.He brought a deer in front of the emperor,and said:”This is a horse”.The emperor laughed:”Senior minister how wrong can you be?This is a deer,and yet you call it a horse.”
    Emperor then started asking other minister’s opinions.Some ministers did not dare to offend Zhou Gao,said it is a horse.Those who said it is a deer,were all murdered by Zhou Gao one by one.
    After that incident,all the ministers were afraid of Zhou Gao.

    Subjectivelistener,and all those Wo Mao Dang bloggers,are modern day Zhou Gao.
    Modern day 奴才.Boot-lickers.

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