China: Great pity for Liu's Achilles tendon

Global Voices OlympicsThe national hero, world champion of the 110-metre hurdles in Athens Olympics, Liu Xiang, quitted the game dramatically this morning due to his inflamed tendon.

BEIJING (AP) — Defending Olympic champion Liu Xiang of China pulled out of the 110-meter hurdles Monday, walking away from the blocks after coming up lame during a false start.

Before the game was going to start, in blows of exclamations, Liu attempted to adjust himself by running over past 2 hurdles. But soon he stopped, bending his brows painfully. After another racer’s fall start and as the game’s going to start again, Liu quitted. The stadium burst into a sea of shock, regret and sorrow, then into silence.

Actually, the ominous sign has been spotted yesterday. Sun Haiping, Liuxiang’s coach, revealed that Liu’s heel was aching during the training on 16th. However, though Liu’s injury was confirmed, most Chinese tried to believe it’s simply a smoke bomb.

In, the Chinese twitter, sea of comments emerged soon after Liu left his lane with a painful expression.

1-lin 11:56


Nothing in the 2008 Games could sting me more seriously than the pulling-out of Liu Xiang

阡陌 11:58


The hearts of millions of people were emptied by Liu Xiang’s withdrawal. Will the Olympics be a pity without Liu Xiang? Will the “bird nest” without Liu Xiang be lonely?

And now people found all the athletes appeared in Adidas’ lately advertisement were met with unexpected adversities and bad luck.

Mololo 12:19


The Adidas Olympics commercial is really a super curse.

China’s women volleyball team, football player Zhengzhi, and now Liu Xiang, seemed to be all its victims.

Some blamed Liu Xiang like this:
海蓝 12:21


Liu Xiang, you didn’t fall on the race track, but failed under the Olympics spirit.

But 微笑綻放 rebutted as many agreed to: 12:20


That’s how the sport race is like! You these guys without a bit of knowledge know only how to blame others! You exclaimed when he excelled, but blamed when you see the dream of gold medal is lost. What about renaming the Olympics as a gold-medal-rob game?

But a netizen referred the withdrawal as a scheme


What a wonder plot it is!
I have been considering how strong Robles is in these days, much stronger than Liuxiang. And how should Liu deal with this? If he lost the game, very probably, then his commercial value would of course slump, as would his popularity. What should I do if I were him?
And the result today is what Liu can do to reach his max profit. He retained people’s compassion and his popularity, and the most important, commercial value.
I have to admire the team behind him.

And the hottest tickets of hurdle final were now on sale on the internet.

Whatever the voices are, there are always people standing firmly behind Liu.
小凤儿 said on Fanfou:


We should all have a lenient heart. Though he quits the Beijing Olympics, he’s still the champion in out hearts.


  • yes, jk… you like to post ‘dreams’ w/.c are negative in nature, when it regards to evrything Chineses .

  • delete it, pls. wrong person…

  • Mark

    Liu was going to lose no matter what. He took the smart way out. And he was going to lose to an American so he saved a lot of face.

  • MuLan

    typical American attitude/behavior

    When others lose, they are losers
    when Americans lose, they get cheated
    it’s a harsh reality

  • Eric Hu

    It is sad, but I’m also glad we don’t need to force athletes go for competition with their broken part, like decades ago. It is an obvious advance.

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  • Peter

    I second comment 4 by MuLan!
    I didn’t watch much if any of the last games but I certainly knew about Liu Xiang (Who the west should learn to pronounce properly! cringe)
    Even with the great success China has had this time with the medal tables and hosting well what a pity their star didn’t shine. Bad timing but yes he shouldn’t be forced to run and if he did the West would have a field day at labelling China as being ‘oppressive’

  • knights

    So either way, the west still find stupid unimaginable ways to bash the Chinese.

    Case in point:

    The west: Liu did not compete, oh he’s a loser, he took the smart way out. . .

    If Liu did compete, poor Liu living under Chinese human rights oppression

    There you have it, either way, there’s always a good reason to bash the chinks ;-)

  • Lala

    TO Mark:

    Racist much? I agree with MuLan sooooo much.

  • Cecksie

    If it was his heel, why was he patting his shin while grimacing before the race? It was pressure from himself, coaches, govt officials, sponsors, 1.4 billion, and a smoking fast Cuban.

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