Algeria: Morocco's Take on the Mauritania Coup

Algerian blogger The Moor Next Door discusses Morocco's take on the Mauritania coup. Among them is “asserting itself as a regional problem solver and power broker.”


  • jalal nali

    what’s the problem to seek the peace and the stability in the region?
    morocco did well, instead of crossing arms and watching the situation going to worst, the moroccan gouvernement took steps to solve this problem and it is not the first time, you have to read more news, and you will see that morocco always was present in the French talker africa to help and solve border issues, morocco instead of encrementing and creating problems ‘ by supporting rebelion in africa like some others do? you know who!
    Morocco is helping efficietly to solve problems and establish peace around his borders.

  • jalal nali

    Another thing, The Algerians are not Moors! moroccans yes lol!

  • this article is leaning too much toward the Algerian position, which makes it very biased, there are plenty of assumptions yet to be verified that the author make, but I won’t go over them. when I was reading I was expecting a just and accurate analysis of the situation but what really pissed me off is the “ONCE AGAIN positioning themselves on the other side of the law and order discussion” sentence.
    mister very_amateur_writer, any impartial professional analyst specialized in geopolitics will fairly avoid such slanted and very revealing sentences

  • jalal nali

    To Ahmed,
    Algerians have no lessons to provide to other countries to keep the stability arround them, simplly because you can see that they cannot keep tha peace and stability in thier own country. fallow the news.
    Mr Ahmed,
    I read in some other blogs that you call every one who say some thruth about news facts by ”very_amateur_writer” so i will not dessend to your level.

    about this :“ONCE AGAIN positioning themselves on the other side of the law and order discussion” once again i can see that you have no idea about the geopolitical strategies, or military strategies, or preventive actions to avoid security perturbation.
    If you are so aware about the situation in mauritania, the ex-prisedent, wanted to establish a real islamic law, and he released some terrorists prisoners, he was about to dissolv the parliament, so do you think that is democracy, and after what he was palning to do ‘ a new afghanistan in north africa’ Morocco will never accept it, and before any miss calculations, the population of Mauritania, supported the coup, as they elected the ex-president- the same people whom supported the coup, all the constitutional administrations still working, so before writing comments empty of meaning, you should take some minutes and read french, spanish, english, and arabic news to have a real own point of view. and not a blind pro-algerian gouvernement point of view, all of us know that algeria prefer to see instability around her borders, by supporting separatis against Mali niger and Morocco, and support terror zone in mauritania, to give more power to her armed terrorist group called polisario. to control all the weapon trafic in direction to black africa, oh yes read some intelegence books and you will be surprized that Algeria the close ally of russia, is the last swalow to establish a real peace in this region.
    i forget the sad terror blasts in Algeria (or i should say those act were carried by the pro-independent Kabilian republic!

  • Jean Luis

    Thank you Morocco, all Europe knows that our back door is secure agaisnt terrorists, We know that the other arab countries hates moroccans because of thier Jew Roots.

  • jalal nali

    Did you fallowed yesterday a special emision about the Algerian generals in Aljazeera sat channel?
    an ex-algerian army official said that the algerian military corruption cause the civil war in algeria, and the creation of polisario, so this is a comment coming from an algerian, so ithink it’s not just simple deductions, and polisario is not happy to see ‘again’ that theire big lie is going to end soon.
    the official name is : Anouar Malik

  • ibraheem uthman

    African leaders generally are the major problem of the region,until there s absolute co-existence between all african ther should be peace in african sub-region

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