Georgia War: What Status for Russian Forces in Georgia?

LJ user dao_b asks (RUS) the potentially provocative question of what status the Russian forces in Georgia have: Peacekeepers when part in an armed conflict or occupiers?


  • Smith

    The Russians are occupiers as far as i can see. I don’t know the full story of why Russia went into Georgia, but it certianly was not for Peace-Keeping obviously.

  • CNN lies! Georgia started this! Came to S.ossetia in the night and started killing women and children! Cowards! Saasashvili is a War Criminal and needs to answer for his crimes! Just like Saddam H. did! Get a rope!

    I’ve believed Russia every step of the way from the start. A kool video of another American was shown live on Fox called “Americans caught in Georgia” (in my favorites) and “CNN lies” and seeingan American child and her gaudian attest to Russia saving them and it was the Georgian troops she was running from. In the other video (in my favorites as well) shows photos fixed (for TV posing with a dead body!) Its sickening the tactics that are used to keep us in the dark. All propoganda!

  • John

    Hey Jaymrvn: CNN didn’t lie, YOU didn’t do your homework, and are so naive it’s actually funny.

    South Ossetia is part of Georgia that’s aggressively seeking separation, and has been starting problems with skirmishes against Georgia. Russia has no business in South Ossieta because S.O. is NOT a part of Russia. Got that? Russia has North Ossieta, Georgia has South Ossieta . If that’s too much for you to grasp, please stop reading here because it will get even more confusing for you then.

    What sneaky Russians did was hand out Russian passports like candy to children to every non-Russian S.O. who wanted one so when the $hit hits the fan and Georgia relatiates against separatists, then Russia (all prepared for some time and salivating like a rabid dog for this moment) pounced on Georiga under the guise of coming to the aid of its Russian citizens. My Butt!!! Russia NEVER gives a horse dang about its people, let alone someone else’s. Putin never even heard of Ossieta till it proved to be a nifty pawn to get his paws on Georgia and its coveted piple line.

    Putin attacking Georgia “to save its Russian citizens” is akin to Bush going into Georgia and going on an attach frenzy into Russia on Russian land to save the US citizens that are currently living in Georgia and whose safety is treatened by Big Bully Rusky. Are you still with us, or has ll this gone over your head already?

    Russia today is nothing more than a repackaged Soviet Union, together with its own ex-KGB agent, that would be Putin in charge. Russia went after Georgia for the pipe line it so dearly wants, to punish Georgia for wanting to be a member of NATO and EU, and to scare of any of the other Balkan countries like Ukraine from trying to follow Georgia’s path towards the West.

    If you believe Russia from the start, I have some swamp land in Florida’s Everglades to sell you too, given how gullible, and dare I say, completely ignorant, you are!!!

  • Deriq

    Regarding NATO’s hesitance to accept Georgia as member, be it known that Georgia has now written its allegiance to the West with its own blood. What more proof is needed?

  • Smith

    “John” has a really good point, IF it is actualyl true. I sort of believe it, but I need to see some proof. I don’t agree with you (Jaymrvn) because how do you knowt aht the videos you have in your favourites aren’t also propaganda?

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