Georgia War: Georgia Will Join NATO

AnTyx claims that NATO Secretary General has expressed certainty of future Georgian NATO-membership, and continues to account for Estonian reaction to the conflict, concluding with the statement – quoting John McCain – “I am a Georgian”.


  • Scott

    Russia is a Superpower again as the United States, CNN and other news media’s have admitted… , this is an NATO expansion war. US former president Ronald Reagan promise Russia there would be no NATO expansion into post Soviet Union countries back 1989 which has clearly been violated. NATO is the new cold war, they are expanding and we cannot trust NATO. NATO is evil and Russia is the ally here. People need to Google the true about what NATO means and what relation is NATO, EU & Bilderberg together. I support Russia and I am against NATO, NATO is the emeny here. NATO wants to expand membership and spread every as much as they can. NATO is about building a military block and when countries apply for NATO membership, they wave the rights to protect themselves or governored themselves but are under the rules of NATO. It is communist movement on a private sector by NATO and this is wrong. Russia & China has been dead set against NATo and this is why. I want Russia to make its stance and state against NATO, this evil lieing agency that has no business taking countries rights away.

  • Scott: <- stop pretending to be Scott, you’re name is Valodia, a russian alcoholic that ahs been brainwashed by the KGB dominated Russian media. Stop trying to brainwash us too.

    NATO is the only way Ukraine and Georgia can defent themselves from a tirany on the rise: Russian Empire with the head KGB agent Putin the Satan. He killed Kursk submarine crew, he planned bombings in Moscow and blamed Chechen people to justify war in Chechnia. He is directly responsible for over 200 children die in Beslan, murdering journalists who dare to speak the truth, and genocide of Chechen people where millions have died and more have bflead their homeland. Latest is the Russian invasion in Georgia, killing hundreds including civilians, elderly, children, pregnant women. They even used banned cluster bombs in civilian districts!

    Putin must be stopped. NOW! He is terrorizing world by his attempts to revive Russian Empire and stops at nothing!

  • Peace

    Great. Putin is the Evil of the global society. How wonderful. We finally found whom to blame for murdering children, women, journalists. Please stop Putin. Ok, now. And WHO EXACTLY is going to stop those who BOMBED YUGOSLAVIA, IRAQ? They are good doers, aren’t they? Really?

    Ah, US soldiers raped girls in Iraq to bring “democracy”. Ok. And remind me who exactly asked them to? Who on Earth needs this export of the US regime “stupid consumerism” by name? America, why wouldn’t you mind your own business and leave World alone?
    Viva modern Russia that can balance the world of modern powers out. Now the famous “good doer” will think twice before bombing Iran.

  • Levan,your funny.

    The one thats brainwashed,that is you.
    The Western media keeps lying about shit.
    And this war is indeed for Iran,the USA want to enter Iran badly.(more oil).Russia says NO.

    Now they have let Georgia attack Ossetia,knowing Russia would involve herself,as there are many Russian citizens in this area.

    They took the date of the olympic plays to rush ossetia,(under usa’s command)so china couldnt invole herself.

    The next stap is turning around the facts,an telling Russia is the agressor instead of Georgia.
    So they put Russia in a black daylight by all western country’s,so the USA get their full support.

    They brainwash us with their anti-Russian propaganda.
    Pro western Nonsense,just to conquer the world.

    Don’t believe it??
    9/11 terrorists,or a planned attack of its own gouverment??(look the video’s again,nd youll say 2nd.
    reason:Oil in afghanistan.

    Iraq,chemical weapons and bla bla bla.
    None is ever found,even experts says they attacked iran for nothing.
    reason:Oil in Iraq.

    Now Ossetia.
    Using Georgian forces attack Ossetia to conquer Russia for an war,and make them the agressors with media lies,so the trust in Russia falls,and the trust in the USA grows.
    reason:Pushing russia out of the game and have a free enterance to iran.

    Next step=>Iran.

  • OMG

    We are already at war with the arabs and now if Georgia joins NATO and Russia attacks them again then the USA is going to attack Russia?? Bush needs to stay out of it! him and has dad just want war and i cant wait until Obama becomes our president!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yuriy

    >quoting John McCain – “I am a Georgian”
    If he want seems everybody a bloody killer, he can be…

    >NATO is the only way Ukraine and Georgia can defent
    >themselves from a tirany on the rise
    The only way Ukraine and Georgia to defend themselves is NOT TO KILL CIVILIANS.

    >Russian Empire with the head KGB agent Putin the Satan.
    USA Empire with the head Bush is evil. He killed many civilians in Iraq. Now he is killing civilians in Pakistan… USA supported Al-Kaida, which made terroristic act 11 of September… With the support of Bush many Americans died.

    >Latest is the Russian invasion in Georgia, killing
    >hundreds including civilians, elderly, children, pregnant
    > women. They even used banned cluster bombs in civilian
    It is lie… The official Tbilisi said that there was 129 Georgian killed (including soldiers). Official Tbilisi also said that Georgian troops used Cluster bombs. No official organization said, that Russian troops used cluster bombs.

    >Putin must be stopped. NOW! He is terrorizing world by
    >his attempts to revive Russian Empire and stops at
    Bush must be stopped. NOW!!! He is terrorizing world by his attempts to make USA Empire and stops at nothing!

    Write I am??

    USA, change your goals… Don’t try to be an empire… Don’t kill civilians… Don’t start new wars.


    NATO should be a protector not a aggressor.Yet this Bush CIA forces
    have a need to promote war anywhere on earth. The weapon sales alone keep the fires burning. rather right or wrong a WAR with major powers would be devastating. One hope is the American Congress put Bush an his team in the place they belong and save America.

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