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Georgia: Russian Troops in Georgian Villages?

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Whereas things seem to be quiet in Tbilisi [1] for now, North Ossetian blogger Alan Tskhurbaev – LJ user alan_tskhurbaev wrote this [2] (RUS) on Aug. 11 about the alleged advances of the Russian and South Ossetian troops in Georgia:

Talked with Tskhinval. According to [the person I talked with], Russian and South Ossetian troops have taken a Georgian village of Ergneti. They've also mopped up Avnevi. Then they'll move on to Nikozi, Tkiavi, and all the way to Gori. The Chechen battalion “East” is taking an active part.

And a quote from [the person I talked with]:

“Now the whole world is yelling that the bombing of Georgia is terrible, but isn't it as terrible to bomb Tskhinval?! Nothing will happen if Tbilisi beau monde wets their asses in the basements.”